Sunday, May 22, 2011

Soulful Saturday - The Manhattans

I am posting this late- this week has been SO freaking crazy!! I got a call from Poppa Hot, Black and Bitter. He was pissed that last Saturday featured "that child molester!!" In my defense... I DID say that it would be nice if R. Kelly would stay out of legal trouble and keep his urine to himself! :) Seeing as how today was supposed to be the "Rapture" and according to some wacko in California, Jesus was going to swoop down and gather up the faithful and leave all of us heathens behind to prepare for the fire and brimstone of hell, I'm going to follow one of the ten commandments and "Honor my father and mother" by changing up the Soulful Saturday selection this week.

I'm taking it back a few decades... like, way back for some of y'all! This week will feature the musical stylings of The Manhattans. Poppa Hot, Black and Bitter will be impressed... and I am a little less of a heathen (for the moment)-- so take that! ;) This type of music is what I was brought up on and as far as I'm concerned this is what so called musicians should be aspiring to. Enjoy and I'll be posting regularly after the craziness dies down- few more days (I promise). I'll answer some of the emails that I received- and no, I am not not posting because I was taken in the Rapture... that, I would have posted all over Twitter! :)

There's No Me Without You

Kiss & Say Goodbye

Shining Star

You Send Me


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