Friday, July 01, 2011

The Price You Pay For Dirty Politics - Fed Up Friday

The downfall of Illinois governors seem to be all over the news today, as well they should be. Monday, former governor Blago was found guilty of trying to sell the Senate seat that used to belong to Barack Obama. In fact, he was found guilty of 17 felony counts. You know what that means? He is about to do some serious time in prison. He has a wife and two daughters. Let me be frank, I absolutely think that he deserves time in prison- no leniency. No time served, no deal. I know I said he has a family. I know that they are having money problems; I know that he has daughters he will not be able to watch grow up. I get it. And just like I know that, he knew that. I have absolutely no sympathy for Blago at all. Please keep up as my Republican tendencies start to show! :)

Does it suck that his kids will grow up without a dad? Hell yes, but that is the price you pay for being a scumbag. Does it suck that his wife Patty will have to figure out how to get out of her financial woes, without his help (though he definitely helped her get into this mess), yes, it does... But that is the price you pay for marrying a scumbag. How about how shitty it HAD to be for Former First Lady of Illinois Lura Lynn Ryan to know that she would probably die while her husband was in jail for the stupid crap he pulled while playing Governor of Illinois? (He was released so that he could be by her bedside as she dies this week... but could not go to her private funeral because he is now back in jail.) I am SO tired of these crooks- politicians or not- striking up deals and getting light sentencing after wheeling and dealing their way into fortunes, while innocent, law abiding, high ass tax- paying citizens (like me) struggle to stay afloat.

If I wanted to be a criminal mastermind I could. Let me just say, I would be SO great at it too- because, unlike most criminals, I am not stupid. That easy money, fast talking lifestyle is not for me, thankfully. I would rather be able to look myself in the face, look my parents in the face and know that I got what I EARNED, not what I could weasel away from people. Ugh, some people make me sick.


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