Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today in What The...?!?!

Ahhhh, I feel like I have been gone so long!! I am settling into life in Columbus, remembering why I love some old haunts and finding new ones. My life has been consumed with visiting family, loving up on my friends and looking for a job. I have also been keeping up with the news-- Chicago and the national news. My general thought process when reading the news is "Oh my God, really?" This week? No exception. Four prime examples follow:
This week in the amazingly stupid: 
1- "Shackle Shoes" by Adidas. Hmmm. Do the shoes themselves upset me? No. After seeing them, I know I would never purchase them or any other Adidas shoes, ever again. Does it make me mad because these shoes reference slavery or somehow makes me have flashbacks of running towards the Underground Railroad by moonlight? Nope. What makes me most upset is that if Adidas had not pulled these sneakers, I have a sneaky suspicion that certain people would make them a top seller. In fact, I read some comments online that said "I'd buy these, they are cute." Idiots. The fact remains that we (read: Black people) cannot be exploited by companies without participating in the exploitation. We have buying power. We have voices to say "no." We should also have common sense to teach our children that shackle shoes are not cute, nor should they be considered for purchase. We can't always play the victims, folks. We are responsible for what we teach the next generation, where we place value and how we participate in consumerism.
2- The Rutgers student who caused the death of his roommate by spying and telling all his (gay) business, has been released from jail... after 20 days. Twenty days? That is how much a life is worth? What a fabulous message to send to the next nosy, stalker roommate that intends to out someone. Just for everyone's information-- unless YOU are coming out, you should not worry about outing anyone else. That is a personal journey that belongs to the person that is going through it. All of that to say: mind your own freaking business. Trust me: most of us have MORE than enough going on in our own lives to keep us busy. And if you don't... I'll give you half my bills... 
3- The Ku Klux Klan is now kinder? They are adopting highways and claiming that they don't hate anyone... they only prefer the company of white people. Ok. Who believes that? If you do-- jump in your closest river (or large body of water) and I hope you can't swim. People who believe this blatant lie are the same people who believe that all politicians always have their constituents best interests in mind. Listen, if it walks, talks and acts like a duck, I expect lots of quacks. If you join a hate organization, it is because you hate someone or something. Do not try to dress it up as something else. Just say you don't like minorities and get off on violating people's Civil Rights. I mean, why else would you join the KKK? 
4- Rielle Hunter is releasing a tell all book. Reportedly, some portion of the book has some disparaging remarks about the late Elizabeth Edwards. OK, let me rephrase that: side chick Rielle Hunter, is releasing a tell-all book, where she has the audacity to talk shit about a dead woman whose husband she was banging. Clearly, authors can write about whatever moves them, and really people have written about worse things... I guess. But damn, where is her shame?!?! I mean really? You sleep with a married man- while his wife is suffering from a cancer relapse, have his baby, lie about it and then talk shit after the wife dies? I'm going to go out on a limb and say that that Hunter lady deserves a good slap... in the face... with a chair.
Let's all try to practice some more common sense, shall we? Great.


Lefty said...

This is why I read this blog: no BS, just common sense commentary.

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