Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Election 2012 - Voting Rights

Exactly one week from today America will elect a President. I have been following the election coverage, the debates, the gaffs, the lies and everything in between; and have purposely remained silent as it has played out. Well, I can't say that I have remained completely silent. If you follow on Twitter or Facebook, then you know how I lean politically. Hell, if you go back to the 2008 posts, I am sure that my political leanings are evident. As a newly (re)minted Ohioan, I realize exactly how important an impact I have on this election, personally. I realize that some people think that voting is a conspiracy of some sort. With the ability to spout "opinions" all over the internet, via facebook, twitter, blogs, instagram, etc. I have seen so many of the following: "My vote doesn't count", "I'm not voting for either of these morons"...

Here in Hot, Black and Bitter land the act of NOT voting is NOT an option. With all that is going on in the world today, the LEAST I can do is vote... and I will. As I look back on the history of the United States, I do see (and take to heart) the sacrifices that have been made so that I can go to a polling place and cast my ballot for the candidate that I believe will attempt to fight for my best interests. I know that it was not so long ago that I, as a Black woman, would not have been able to cast my vote. I know that people have given the ultimate sacrifice (soldiers, protesters, extraordinary people living their daily lives) so that next Tuesday I can wait in line and vote for the President of the United States.

 I will make sure that I honor that sacrifice next week. Gladly, I will wait in line (coffee in hand) so that I can do my patriotic duty. Pictures will be taken. Hey-- I LOVE those 'I voted' stickers they give out. What can I say? :)

 I have also seen several news outlets that have given their recommendations for who to vote for. Here in Columbus, our (ONLY) newspaper, the Columbus Disappointment, er, Dispatch has endorsed Mitt Romney... um, because they are crazy. So, I am sure that I will use the posts to come to explain my pick, but here it is: Hot, Black and Bitter's endorsement for President: Barack Obama.



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