Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trip Down Memory Lane

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to head back to my high school for Reunion Weekend! I have to say- it was amazing to be in that place!! My high school experience was a little unusual. First I should type that I went to a small, all girl, private school. My school educates girls in Central Ohio from Pre-K to 12th grade and we are tight group. Every year, no matter when you actually graduated, women gather for a weekend of fun and catching up. I could only participate on Thursday and Friday, because of another commitment (which will probably be the next post), but since I live in the area again, I thought that it was really important that I showed some support.

And yes, I am glad that I did. This year was not a huge reunion year for my class-- 2014 marks 18 years since I gave the graduation speech in my long white dress. In 18 years, the changes around my school have been numerous, but the spirit of what went (goes) on there is still very much the same. Thursday night was a young alumnae get together. Who knew that 18 years out was still considered "young" LOL! I sat around with two ladies from my graduating class, nibbling on finger foods and drinking wine (yum, wine). Near the end of the night I sauntered on over to another table of ladies that graduated in 2009. Um, holy hell, they said 2009. My very first question after their names? "So, were you actually ALIVE when I graduated from high school??" Their answer: "Yes, we were 5." Five freaking years old. Ok, some of them were six, but that did not make the hurt in my heart feel any better. Five.Years.Old. (read: I drank more wine).

The next day--Friday-- I had the day off, so I woke up early and headed over to campus to have lunch with fellow alumnae. I have to let all new readers know: private school lunch kicks the ass of all other lunches available. Like, even grown up lunches; grown up lunches that you pay a lot of money for. I had cheese ravioli, garlic bread and roasted broccoli. And cake. Ok, ok, ok and a cookie bar. Take that. I don't care if you judge-- I ate it off a monogrammed china plate, and that somehow makes calories disappear. Yes!! Then I took a tour of the new theater, saw a program put on by current students, sat around reminiscing, left a note for the seniors, talked to a few of my former teachers (they were some of the first to tell me and my parents that I *may* have a problem talking out of turn), totally crashed a party for the class of 1994 (where I ate their food) and just had an all around good time. I spent ALL day at school. Like a job. And I loved every bit of it. Like a boss.

Lifelong friends 

Strong Girls = Strong World. Indeed! 

Can you find me?!?

We are The Fighting Unicorns! Go UNIES!!!


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