Friday, February 19, 2010

Chicago: Good News, Bad News

Hello, City of Chicago! :) Forbes magazine and I have good news and bad news...

GOOD news: the city that we all know and most of us love have moved down on the 'most miserable' city list. In 2008, Chicago was ranked #3 in the nation... Hmmm, the third most miserable city in the whole nation. Not sure how much I actually believe that. Rankings were based on weather (now I see!), violent crime, job availability, etc.
So, the amazingly good news is- we aren't #3 anymore.

Bad news? Yeah... Chicago is still on the list! (Boooo). In 2009, Chicago was ranked #10 (hey, it's an improvement!) on the most miserable cities. Same criteria, just 7 spots down the list. And the #1 most miserable city? The midwest seems to reign supreme on this list because the #1 city is Cleveland, Ohio. For all my Ohio readers from central Ohio, just repeat after me:! :)


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