Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Chicago Strong Arm

Last Tuesday was a primary voting day here in Illinois. I still get fired up (of course) but primaries notoriously have very low voter turn out. Last Tuesday was no exception, but some people did come out and vote. Thankfully, Todd the Troll Stroger was voted out of office and some new blood entered the political realm, or so we all thought.

Pawnbroker Scott Lee Cohen was slated to be on the November ballot as the Democratic choice for Lt. Governor, but I just read on Chicago Tribune mobile edition, that he has done what was asked of him and dropped out of the race. Do I have a problem with that? Uh, hell yeah.

1. The people who did vote last Tuesday, voted for Scott Lee Cohen. How dare the Democratic party assume that the people of Chicago needed help with their choice?

2. The Dems had PLENTY of time to vet all of the candidates. Why is everyone acting like a) they don't have a past and b) this is the first they have heard about Cohen's past? In every article I have read, it has been stated that Cohen was very upfront about his past, so I am confused as to how it was ok when he was spending money and no one thought he would win, and is magically NOT okay now that he has won...

3. Somehow I know that the people who are asking for Cohen's resignation are not innocent politicians who just want him to drop out for the betterment of Illinois. Whenever you point to someone and claim that they are too corrupt, generally you have some 'corrupt' skeletons in your closet. Somehow Pat Quinn who was Lt. Governor under Blago doesn't strike me as someone who can now be holier than thou.

4. His prostitute ex-girlfriend is saying that he should drop out of the race. Really? Are we all taking advice from convicted prostitutes now? Seriously?

I still take a lot of grief about boycotting Michael Vick. We all know I am an animal lover, but mostly I am pissed because he is a liar. He did unspeakable acts and lied about it. Scott Lee Cohen was truthful about his past, yet one has a job and the other does not...on the word of politicians and an ex prostitute, Cohen has lost the job that the people of Illinois felt he should

Did Cohen just become the latest victim of a political strong arm tactic? Yes, I believe he did. Should he have dropped out of the race? Nope, I don't think so. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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