Monday, June 28, 2010

Pride Weekend 2010. C'mon and Celebrate!!

Ah! Once a year all of my gay wishes come true! I went to the Pride Parade this weekend (just for a short while) and it was magnificent! Coming from a *slightly* conservative background, I get a lot of questions when people realize that I am excited about Pride- not just the celebration, but the concept. I changed my facebook profile picture to the equality sign and received a couple emails... *sigh*

So, let's clear up some confusion. I love diversity. I love hanging out with people who are different from what I see every day. I love to learn about different backgrounds and expanding my way of thinking. That said: I am *not* a lesbian and I have no aspirations of being a lesbian- thanks. I do think that my country should re-evaluate the way they deal with minorities of ALL types. I don't care about your ethnic background, your financial background, or your religious beliefs. I don't care who you love or what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom.

What I do care about is what kind of person you are. Are you honest? Are you hard-working? Are you reliable? Are you intelligent? How do you treat me and the other people around you? I don't care about anything else and no one else should either. I don't want anyone inspecting my love life... though, it has been mostly non existent throughout my adult life, but still it is mine and it is private. I hate that people judge me based on who I date. I could say a lot about the men I date, but the one thing that sticks out is: they are all great guys (except one, ok possibly two). At the time we were together, they were exactly what I wanted. I look back on some of them and shake my head... now. Should I be judged because some of the guys I have dated are dickheads? Nah, I am still an awesome chick! :) So, then is it fair for me to judge someone simply on the sex of their partner? No. Is it fair that a couple can be together for 20 years, one dies and the surviving partner can't collect the pension of the deceased? No. Is it fair that if one half of a gay couple is in critical care in the hospital, the healthy partner cannot visit? No.

So- in honor of Pride, practice being a little more understanding about other's predicaments. The best thing about all of us is that we are different. Honestly, how would you feel if every day you woke up and saw people who were just like you? I mean, I am super opinionated- on this blog and in real life- but I appreciate that people are different and think differently than I do. I am (clearly) some kind of Democrat and most of my closest friends are Republicans (hey, Ohio is a very Republican state most of the time). I am Black, my best friends from high school aren't; my best friends from college aren't; my last few boyfriends have not been. I grew up in a middle class neighborhood- I know very poor people and some very rich people. Different does not even begin to describe the layout of my immediate family. My youngest brother is the same age as my nephew. There are foster kids and furbabies... we are all over the place!

We are all different and that is the best thing. We have all had different experiences, different triumphs and different failures. We help each other avoid life's pitfalls and we rally when one of us has a victory. That is what friends and family are about. That is what life is about. That is what Pride is about. Embrace differences, and as corny as it sounds, love your neighbors... no matter who their significant others are!


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