Sunday, July 04, 2010

I am a Patriot

What a glorious day for America to have a birthday!! It is beautiful outside here in Chicago. Just like my relationship with the great city of Chicago, my thoughts on the United States of America are very love-dislike. I will always point out the things I dislike about America... because as an American, I have the right to do so. I will always point out what needs improvement, what is wonderful and what needs to go away- because I can. My ancestors died for the rights that I have. For their ultimate sacrifice I get to have an education; I get to vote and I get to voice my opinion- as loud as I want! Amazing, huh? :)

Funny thing is: as much as I complain about Chicago- I choose to live here and I love it. As much as I complain about close minded Americans- I love them. I love what my country represents; I love the freedoms that I have and I love that I can visit countries all over the world (I have been to a few) and get to come back to the best place on Earth- the United States of America.

So, to celebrate here is a video of Eddie Vedder singing "I am a Patriot" Now, this song has been covered by Jackson Browne and countless others (including different versions by Eddie). But, in my humble opinion this one is the BEST! :) Enjoy and God Bless the United States of America!

Key Lyrics:
* What I believe with my soul ain't what I see with my eyes, and there is no turning back this time.

* I am a patriot and I love my country. Because my country is all I know.

* I want to run like the lions, released from the cages; released from the rage that is burning my soul tonight.

* I only know one party- that is FREEDOM.


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