Wednesday, July 21, 2010

100 more cops- is that enough?

While reading the paper online today I came across this article. In it, the powers that be at City Hall run down their plan to add 100 new police officers to the Chicago Police Department. 100? Is that enough? In my honest opinion, 100 does not even scratch the surface of what is needed. The criminals are taking aim at our officers this summer. On Sunday, another Officer was shot down in the streets of Chicago. He was off duty and a month a way from retirement. His life was cut short by someone who reportedly wanted his car. His death brings the number of officers killed in the last month and a half to: 3.

100 new cops when we have had a shortage for at least the last 5 years- and the hiring freeze has been in effect for the last 4 years? 100 new officers when two years ago 3,160 reported being assaulted while on the clock? 100 new officers during this time where the city is suffering from unemployment and the violence here is only rivaled by the wild times of the early 90s?100? Hmmmm. A promise of 100 new officers when the city of Chicago is broke? How will we pay for them? I don't see anyone in charge offering up some of their salary. I love that these men and women put their lives on the line (on duty and off) and they don't make 1/6 the salary of their Superintendent. Exactly how do we fix that? My suggestion is to fire Jody and hire 106 new officers. Our city needs the structure, the service and the protection.


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