Sunday, July 18, 2010

Maybe it is the heat

I will say that I have been indoors for the vast majority of this last week. It has been amazingly hot outside and I have not really felt like being outside, so with the exception of taking the dogs out 4 or 5 times a day I have been inside, sitting very close to a fan, watching very bad tv, or reading blogs. I love tv. Ok- there are a few tv shows that I love and I generally don't miss them. In the age of DVR, I luckily do not have to watch a ton of commercials during the shows that I love. But this week, I have actually been watching the commercials and all I have to say is: WTF???

Ok- if you didn't know what I looked like before reading this blog, I put up a picture. I often describe myself. I am a short, slightly athletically built, midwestern, educated Black woman. Most of the time, I am very comfortable with that. Clearly, through my posts anyone can see that I despise stereotypical people- no matter who they are. When I describe the bad ass kids in my neighborhood, it is not because I hate them per se, but I hate the things that they do, the people that they emulate, the culture that they are perpetuating. The same can be said about three commercials that I have just seen. Darrell the dude from the Walmart commercials, that fat lady from the PineSol commercials and the Kia commercial with the hamsters. Wow- I felt like I was living in the 40s and looking at stereotypical Black people. The black guy is entertaining- like in a minstrel show, the black woman is overweight, selling a cleaning product and calling everyone "baby" like the mammies in every kitchen in every black and white movie, and the hamsters... they look like the neighborhood behaviors that piss me off every day and they are rapping a song by the Black Sheep.

Maybe it is the heat, but I doubt it. Check out the videos that I am posting and leave a message. I am curious to see if I am the only one that is offended by Black people are in some sort of stereotypical role (or hamsters are made to have all the characteristics of Black rappers). I will also post a video of clips from the 20s-40s, so you can see the vague similarities. Let me know if the heat is getting to me.



Videos from the past...


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