Thursday, July 08, 2010

Glorification of Bad Behavior

Being at home during the day is hard on my mind. I mean, if you have ever had to watch daytime tv, you know what I am talking about. Mentions of out of control teens, paternity tests, murders and other violence plague almost all television stations- and that is just the mid day news. Forget turning on Maury or any other talk show... especially because I think I am allergic to the term "baby daddy" along with being allergic to the dregs of society laying their entire trashy loves on basic television for everyone to see. And for what? A trip to New York and a few dollars- for your self respect? I say "no deal!" But I digress.

Unfortunately for me, my computer is in the same room as a television, so as I fill out job applications, read blogs or surf facebook, the tv is on in the background. Usually I can filter out the actual words coming out of the mouths of people on the screen, but every once in awhile a commercial or two breaks through my self imposed hearing barrier. Today, what snuck in, struck a nerve.

The Oxygen Network was playing in the background because I can quickly zone out to the programs on that channel. Then the commercial bled through my barrier. It was a commercial for the newest installment of the "Bad Girls Club." Apparently the show is going to take place in Miami and will be even more obnoxious than usual. *Sigh* Is this what society now finds entertaining? Young girl acting out and getting applauded for atrocious behavior? No one is speaking proper English; they are fighting and they seem to be offering nothing of value to anyone. Hair pulling, cursing and acting ignorant-- and that was just a commercial. OMG. I remember feeling the same way when "Flavor of Love" came out. Are you serious? Where do thy find people to be on these shows? Why would you ever want to be on these shows?? I read an inspirational blog today... I think it describes how we should uplift our daughters, instilling them with self esteem and letting them know that they can get attention without bad behavior. Maybe of more parents were like this, less paternity tests on Maury would be needed; less women would be clamoring to get on the "Bad Girls Club" and I would have less of a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.
We need to do better,


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