Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm watching you! :)

Since winter seems like a lifetime here in Chicago, summertime is the season for lots of outdoor activities. Hot weather equals less clothing (not always a good thing), more people outside, and definitely more bad behavior. It is like the hot, humid weather suppresses some people's (limited) good sense. Here's the problem: I see you! Quite often, I comment on your behavior. I think I am funny, some may disagree, but some of my facebook status updates are so good that I condense them and put them on Twitter. I just can't help myself. It is free ammunition; free entertainment- and I must admit... I love it. Below are some of the top status updates for the last few weeks. Watch out Chicagoans, I see you! ;)

"Dear girls in the Target parking lot: despite your current argument, it is safe to say that Usher is not talking about you when he sings 'There goes my baby.' Now let's use our inside voices, aka our let's not embarrass ourselves voices."

"Almost nothing trashier than seeing a parent smoking with kids in the car with the windows rolled up. SMH."

"Note: STOP IT with the mohawks. That shit ain't cute and most of y'all can't pull it off. For real."

"The only dog that wants to kiss me is the one that ate a mystery substance in the backyard. Um, I *don't* think so, my friend."

"Hey lady crossing the street: like my dad says- your ass is not a bumper. You wanna make it a little quicker across the street? See, this is when love taps should be allowed. :/"

Finally, from today: "Hey lady in front of me: that big ass sign that says 'no turn on red' is not a suggestion. I am sure that good officer that just pulled you over is reiterating that fact. #dumbdriver"


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