Friday, August 20, 2010

The Irony is NOT lost on me

I now know why people my age need therapy. Here is my story:

I have super silent for a few weeks. Not by choice. It has been almost three weeks since my last entry, for a very good reason. On August 2, my house was burglarize and my most prized possession (not counting the dogs) was taken- my iMac. Originally, I wanted to cry. Then I wanted to punch someone. Yeah- I still want to punch someone... hard.

Two things were stolen from my house (iMac and second cell phone) and my dogs were safe (this time)... and the house was ransacked again. Windows and screens were broken and the neurotic dogs were pushed to the limit of crazy town (again). Sincerely, I have been pushed to my limits too. I look outside and often shake my head in shame that my neighborhood has declined so drastically in the four years that I have owned my house. I look around and see children who are going no where because parents don't care enough to push them in the right direction; a city- a beautiful city- falling prey to hoodlums and hoes, criminals and dummies, corrupt dealings and economically depressed citizens. I see hopelessness. But there is no time for me to have tear stained cheeks because I am moving. Those bastards have broken into my house and stolen my piece of mind for the last time. I am done. I still want to stay in Chicago (don't you judge me!!) I just don't ever want to live in my neighborhood again- and barring some sort of divine intervention- I will not. House is on the market (yep, even in this shitty economy) and come October 1st I will, at the very least, be a resident of another neighborhood.

You know, the worst part isn't that someone was in my house, or that those jackasses felt the need to take something that didn't belong to them. It wasn't even that I am unemployed and really don't have the luxury of being without a computer; nor do I have the time (or inclination) to schlep to the library or to offices of friends in order to send out resumes. You want to know what the worst part is? When someone was breaking into my house, touching my shit, stealing my computer and ransacking MY house... I was at the courthouse on 26th and California- Criminal Courts for all you non-Chicagoans- serving JURY DUTY. Yeah- the irony is NOT lost on me.


Karen said...

What happened to you is really shitty. I am sorry you have had to go through it.

Tasha said...

Wow. This sucks!

A couple of years ago, I borrowed a friend's car so I could attend church. After the church service, I walked to the car only to find out that the car had been broken into --glass everywhere, stuff stolen. Ironic. And as everyone left the church parking lot to get their Sunday brunch on, not one person stopped to offer to help me. Even more ironic.

It sucks you had to go through such a crummy situation. But I hope all works out for you.

Miss Mox said...

Thanks ladies. Everything happens for a reason and I am just going to use this situation to get myself to higher ground! :) Thank you for your responses and I hope that both of you are well.

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