Saturday, October 30, 2010

Soulful Saturday- (Slightly) Angry Edition

It seems like it has been so long since I posted something! It has been a little over three weeks, but I have a valid excuse- I have been working (yay!!) AND I just celebrated another year of breathing (woohoo) so I have been a little busy! I have been reading the news (as usual) commenting (follow me on Twitter) and writing, so there are tons of things that will be hitting this blog soon... No worries! :)

Before anyone asks: No- I am not angry, but these songs are... a little. They are still great songs and all are small blasts from the past! First up: Sunshine Anderson- Heard it all Before.
What happened to her? Where did she go!? I freaking love this song!! Just a small side note: there is nothing new under the sun. You might get away with being a scumbag for a little while, but you won't get away with it forever- you have been warned!

Key Lyrics:
*But your lies ain't working now; look who's hurting now. See, I had to shut you down, I had to shut you down.
*Nothing you do and there's you can say that could persuade me to say with you another day.
*You have crossed the line to the point of no return, what you do from here on out, I am no longer concerned.

Tank- Maybe I Deserve
AKA reminder that what goes around comes around
Whenever I think about exes that gave me the most ridiculous behavior to deal with, or decided that they were going to do whatever they wanted... I play this song and a couple others and know that in the end they are going get exactly what they gave. That is so refreshing. Anyhow.

Key Lyrics:
*Maybe I deserve for you to do all the things I did to you...
*I wanna be mad, but after all those times, Maybe I Deserve...
*Maybe I deserve to be mistreated sometimes, maybe I deserve to be even lied to sometimes

Finally: Avant- When It Hurts
*When it hurts will we still be same two lovers, all over each other?
*When it hurts will we still see why we got together?
*The only way that this work- you gotta love me when it hurts
*Baby girl we gotta face it, there'll be times that we let each other down. And on them days that you ain't feeling me, will you be able to stick around?
*Anything worth having is worth fighting for. If we really want this thing to work, we gotta go to war. Girl, I'm in this thing, I mean really in this thing- but through the tears will you still be here?
*...we should change people's definition of love...


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