Saturday, October 02, 2010

Soulful Saturday- Blue Eyed Soul Edition

In the early to mid 90s blue eyed soul boy bands were all the rage (read: Backstreet Boys, N*Sync headed up by the amazingly beautiful Justin Timberlake and 98 Degrees lead the equally luscious Nick Lachey). But that was not the first emergence of some lovely looking white men (and women) have broken through on the R&B charts (read: Simply Red, Michael Bolton, All 4 One, Color Me Badd) and obviously won't be the last. I have already shared my guilty pleasure with a few Jesse McCartney tracks- don't you judge me! :) There is some kid named Justin Bieber out there AND both Justin and Nick have both gone solo. Below are the guys that I listen to frequently on my iPod. My own little Blue Eyed Soul army! They pack a punch, and they make me smile.

First up: Andrew Belle
- Native son of the Chicagoland area (Wheaton)
- his music has been on Grey's Anatomy (how cool is that??)
- Saw him in concert at Double Door this year- nice vocals and seems like an all around nice guy

Andy Davis
- I *love* this guy, no seriously. I met him at Double Door and he was the sweetest. EVER. He should consider being my musical husband- I'm just saying.
- Avid Tweeter (that makes me smile)
- LOVE to hear him live
- I know that this song is not new, but it makes my day better so here is Laugh So you Don't Cry

And because you have to see him live... here is a cover of At Last

Marc Broussard
- he is all over this blog and I love him too
- Native son of the Bayou state
- Covered some Al Greene (and it was awesome) YouTube him immediately

Josh Hoge
- Um, wow so hot... and he can sing? I'll take it!!
- his cover of Ain't No Sunshine makes my heart palpitate- in a good way.
- he is tattooed *fans self* So here are two videos of Josh

I am sure there are more Blue Eyed Soulful Saturdays ahead! :)


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