Tuesday, August 02, 2011

First Giveaway!!

Here is the deal- I love to read. Seriously, when I was younger I preferred a good book to playing outside with my friends. Hmmm, not much has changed. I have always been adventurous enough… but I love to have words transport me to a mini vacation occasionally. Books are superb. No matter if you enjoy sci-fi, mysteries, romance, crime dramas or kid books- reading is truly fundamental.

Lately, I have been getting a ton of emails (hotblackandbitter@gmail.com) asking what I am reading this summer. So, I have decided to give away what I just finished reading!! One of my majors in college was History—in fact, it was my first major. First majors are kind of like first loves… you may not always be together, but you are always linked. My concentration was 20th century American history…. Specifically how the Civil Rights Movement was shaped and how it continues to shape today’s America. With that in mind, you can see why The Help was a book I was interested in reading. The book takes place in the 60s, in the South and is about women coming together and making a change in their community… I was sold. The movie comes out on August 10, so just in time I want to give away a copy of this book!! It is a great, easy read. I have to admit, the book was hard to put down.

How do you win?? In order to get in the running for a copy of the book The Help, 1. go to the Hot, Black and Bitter facebook page (www.facebook.com/hotblackandbitter) and LIKE it. 2. Leave a comment on either the blog (http://www.hotblackandbitter.com/) OR the facebook page, telling me what kind of blog entry is your favorite. Do you like the music of Soulful Saturday? Fed Up Fridays? Wordless Wednesday? Let me know!! Your comment will count as one entry in the giveaway. We’re taking entries from NOON, August 2, 2011 to NOON, August 4, 2011 (all times are CST). The winner will be announced & the book will be mailed to the winner on August 5. Simple, huh? :)


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