Monday, August 01, 2011

Did I Miss Something?

Did someone hit a switch that made it ok to get knocked up by married men? Did I miss it? I must have because it seems like everyone is jumping at the chance to be the conductor of the hoe train!! With yesterdays “revelation” that Fantasia Barrino is pregnant by a married no name, I am really questioning the non-reaction. I mean, can I get a shout out for sisterhood? I can I get a “OMG”? Can I get some of y’all NOT defending them? What if that was your husband? WTF!?!

Can you help who you fall for? Not really. In no way is that permission to commit adultery, or play the role of a home wrecker. That is just to say, you never really know who you will meet and find that you cannot do without. Your Prince (or Princess) Charming might be someone that you never expected to be interested in, never expected the feelings to get so deep so quickly. I get that. I’ll even go out on a limb and say that there are many of us who have been attracted to someone we had NO business being attracted to because of our relationship status—or theirs. But to take it a whole ‘nother step and bring a child into the world… into your mess, that it simply ridiculous and absolutely preventable.

I don’t care what Alicia Keyes, Fantasia, that chick that had a baby with Mel Gibson, and the mother of all homewreckers… Angelina Jolie have to say. Bringing children into a messed up situation is completely irresponsible. I mean, clearly, there is a lack of impulse control if you can’t even wait until the papers are signed to get knocked up… why would you want a child in that? Why would you want a child to be in a situation that the “grow ups” can’t even fix properly? And you know what is really killing me? All these women on the online boards that are like: “who are you to call Fantasia a home wrecker?” “Who are you to judge?” “Why is everybody dogging her… she was blessed with a baby” Um, I called her a home wrecker and I meant it. And I am dogging her because she is having her “blessing” with someone who stood up in front of God and all his family and friends and took vows with someone that is NOT Fantasia AND he is STILL married to his WIFE, who is NOT Fantasia. Not to even mention the whole: if he did it to her, what makes you think he won't do it to you?? If the marriage is over, ok—I’m not saying they can’t date during his divorce process-- although that would not be my preference. I’m not even going to be naive and say that they can’t have (safe) sex during that process, but having a kid is completely different. Why? Wives always want a husband back. There is always that familiarity. You stand the chance of really getting your feelings hurt… and now she is going to add a child onto that. There is always the possibility that you will be the dirty little secret, and he will never leave her. Now you have a kid… What now?

I don’t care if I am over here all alone shaking my head at this madness. Having a kid with someone who you KNOW is married to someone else is unacceptable… and puts you on the same level of all of Tiger Woods’ whores. Aren’t you glad to be included in that group? Yuck.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you're not getting much of a reaction to "Fantasia's Having A Married Man's Baby OMG" because it's really None Of Your Business. Dear Gossiper (You) it's been well established that the Cooks were already split and living apart when Mr met Fantasia, so the label 'Homewrecker' DOES NOT APPLY. FYI, even tho it's none of your business, the "papers" HAVE been signed, the divorce is in process. Instead of pointing your judgmental finger at others (who you don't even know), maybe you should look in the mirror and atone for your own sins - the bible says the PENALTY FOR GOSSIP is DEATH.

Miss Mox said...

And PS- divorce in process does NOT equal papers are signed... Therefore they are STILL married and he ha knocked up someone else. Thanks for giving my points validity.

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