Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eat, Drink and Be... Married.

Holy shit, this has been a crazy week. Not only have Lefty and I been working six days a week for what seems like an eternity, Valentine's Day was Thursday and we got engaged. What?!?!?! Read that last part again!! :-) We got engaged. I am not generally one for surprises and Lefty knows that, so how he pulled this off... I am still baffled.

We decided to have a day date- because we work the night shift at a local manufacturing plant and we had to work Thursday night. He came to my house at 12:30 for a surprise and lunch. He was bearing gifts. I am not one for flowers all the time, but I do LOVE candy. He had this in hand:

There was THE sweetest card I have EVER received and a bouquet of sorts...

That would be a bouquet of Fruit Gushers. Does this man know me, or does he know me? I guess I should have known that something was up when I noticed that Lefty was wearing a tie (he never does that), though I did quickly realize where we were headed... because said tie had books on it. 

One of the first dates that we had was at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. I took him. We are book nerds. Seriously. The history section of the library gives us life. I'm not kidding. Lefty was a history major during his Buckeye years, and history was one of my majors when I was partying it up in Oxford, Ohio so when I say that we can devour stories of the past, know that it is not an exaggeration. Also the Main Library opened in 1907... more history. I was so excited as we pulled up to the library- whatever, I attribute my giddiness to book dust (or something!) :) But seriously, how can you drive up to this building and NOT be excited?!?!?! 

Amazing, right? 
We walked around for about 45 minutes. History section, of course. After about 45 minutes I was getting hungry (Note: I am an eater. I like food. Real food. Not a salad orderer at restaurants!!) Me: "ok, babe- you ready to go eat?" Him: "yep!" I checked out a book and started to head for the side door. 

The Main Library has been revamped since the last time I lived in Columbus, so before we left, Lefty asked if I had seen the front entry way since I'd moved back. I hadn't, so we headed up the marble stairs (right inside the front doors) to check out the second level where there is an art gallery and the administrative offices. We checked out the small art gallery, the flowers that are carved into the ceiling and the beautiful stained glass windows (you can't tell but they are the semi-circles in the picture). I was so busy looking around at this wonderfully quiet, beautiful place with the sunshine shining on me through these amazing stained glass windows that I didn't even notice that Lefty was on one knee! 

Me: "What are you doing? Oh..."

Him: "You make my life incredible. I can't imagine being without you. [Insert my FULL name] will you marry me?" 

He then told me to check my text messages. While we were in the gallery he text messaged me this: 

Yeah- we are scrabble nerds also. Ha!! How sweet is that?! 

Oh yes, it was amazing. AMAZING. Short, sweet and freaking amazing!! I said yes... we went to lunch (yay!!) and then to work (boo!) 

As for the ring: he did a fabulous job. I am not really a diamond kinda girl and I don't want something that everyone else has. PLUS, I have a job where wearing jewelry is sometimes problematic. Well, he got my ring in Paris... so I doubt that women will be running around with the same ring on :) I love it and the wedding bands (diamonds) that will go with it will fit around its curves. 

All in all... Thursday was about the BEST day EVER (minus the working part). It was perfect for me; for us. Lefty has made me an amazingly lucky, loved, respected, hot, Black and bitter woman. You can't see me right now, but I am totally smiling- and have been since we met. 


Lefty said...

I've been smiling since we met. And am smiling about that post. Great write-up of a great day.

Unknown said...

Love it.... welcome to the family

mom said...

Lefty you did good... I'm so happy for the both of you.... only you could write something like that with all the captions I loved it.... welcome to the family........ much love

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