Saturday, April 13, 2013

Soulful Saturday - Love Lost

To say that wedding planning is craziness AND a hot poker to the eye is putting it lightly. *Sigh* Creating a day for everyone ain't gonna happen, so Lefty and I have decided to have a kick ass engagement party (date pending) and a very small ceremony at City Hall (date also pending). That is how far we have gotten in two months. Eh, c'est la vie!

Thinking of wedding stuff has made me think about getting to this point in life. Love found and lost; love found and kept; starting a life together... finally leaving behind all the crazies that you have dated before this. So this week's Soulful Saturday is dedicated to the "love" we all thought we had before. Albums upon albums have been made about love lost (hello Adele, I am looking at your success over an album full of breakup baggage). Break up songs might be more profitable than weddings (and trust me friends, that is a LOT of money). Let's mix some new and old, shall we?

 Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man

I have to admit that I love this song... mostly because this little leprechaun is the same height as me and I have been channeling his hair lately. Ok, ok- Bruno may be shorter than the average woman, but he is uber talented... just slightly overplayed on the radio stations. That is not his fault though, so he gets the first song. Bet he (and many others) wishes he was a better boyfriend (and a little taller). Oh, PS- The Voice is the best talent show on tv- take that American Idol (you suck).

Christina Perri - Crying 

A Roy Orbison cover? Yes, ma'am!! CP is wonderful! You probably know her from her other barn buster break up song Jar of Hearts. Guitar and singing? Winning combo and great song for this week. Sing it, girlie! :)

Mariah Carey - Without You

Curly haired Mariah. You know, before she turned into a crazy spaz. Thank God for a phase of real singing and no booty shorts and stripper shoes. Where did that go?

James Morrison - The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore 

British. Lovely Lyricist. Amazing.

**"I can't explain why it's not enough... I gave it all to you."**

Adele - Turning Tables

The QUEEN of the break up song (and fake lashes). I don't care who you are, Adele has written a song for your punk ass- revenge driven, sorrow filled, wanting you back. Whatever you need she has given it life- trust that! She is so far beyond amazing, it is sick and seriously, if someone thinks that she's not... they are a hater.

**I can't keep up with your turning tables; under your thumb, I can't breathe.**


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