Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wedding Whimsy - A Date (Finally)

You know when someone asks you a simple question, really simple, like "Oh, you're engaged? When are you getting married?" and you are instantly annoyed because you don't know the answer? So annoyed that you really feel like this person has invaded your privacy and should be slapped for it? Oh, no? That is just me? Oh, ok.

Since Lefty and I have announced our engagement everyone and their mother (literally) has been asking us when, when, when (???) and we have been ignoring the question. Seriously, right after someone gets engaged is so not the time to ask when they are getting married. One- you may not be invited to the shindig and two, if they wanted you to know AND they actually had a date, um, they would tell you, right? Right.

I know that a few people have been worrying themselves crazy about the date/time/plan for our wedding. Well, relax your minds people, we have settled on a date. We are getting married on Monday, December 23. We picked a Monday because we are going to have a very (VERY) small City Hall ceremony. When I type VERY small I really want you to read only our parents, siblings and the officiant will be in the room with us.

I know that this will upset some people- but let's not worry, we have planned ahead for that also. We are having a holiday/engagement/reception party on December 21 (time/place/details to be announced later). Yes, you read that right... it is BEFORE the wedding. This is where we will be inviting some of our friends and family members. We have also found a place to hold this lovely shindig (yay!!) so we are kicking things into high gear (just in enough time, since we have less than 8 months to put this whole thing on!) We have planned to keep both affairs very small - on purpose. And nontraditional - on purpose. I will not be headed down the aisle in a long, poufy white dress. I won't make Lefty wear a tux. We aren't following socially accepted wedding habits (hence having the reception FIRST). We are really going to make this wedding and celebration exactly what we want, which is exactly how every wedding SHOULD be.

I am sure that I will update the blog with our progress and hopefully I will post reviews on products that I try out in preparation for our two days of planned good times. Check out Instagram (hotblackbitter), Twitter (hotblackbitter) and the Facebook page for up to date updates! ;)



Lefty said...

Thanks for not making me wear a tux ;) And thanks for being amazing.

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