Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fed Up - Syria

I have been watching the news intently, hoping that this week would bring the result that I have been hoping for ever since Syria has made the news cycle. Boy, am I glad that I didn't hold my breath because it seems that the United States cannot let a year pass without sticking its proverbial nose in someone else's business. Tonight I watched the President deliver a speech that included the biggest bunch of bullshit that I have heard him spew. And I am going to say this: I voted for Barack and in general, I believe in MOST of what he proposes (as much as one can believe in a politician... so, you know, about 45%), but ANY kind of strike against yet ANOTHER regime in a country far, far away... I'm gonna take a hard pass on that one.

I have decided to use this blog entry as a letter to the President... I wonder if he will read it? Ok, doubtful, but I need him to know my feelings on the subject.

Dear Mr. President:

I can only say this directly: I am TIRED of war. We, as a country, are in NO position to play Captain Save a Hoe all over the world. Syria's problems are NOT our problems and "Boots on the Ground" or not, I believe that we need to take a seat and (finally) let some other country be the Superhero of the world.

You have attempted to convince us that we are no longer in a two front war (Iraq and Afghanistan) but, sadly, I am not convinced. I know that tonight you said that we are no longer involved in Iraq- I don't believe that for ONE moment. Our troops are still over there, building schools and helping out. All the while in cities like Chicago and Columbus (both near and dear to my heart) schools are closing and children can't pass standardized tests. In our city of Chicago (yep, I'm still claiming it as mine) there are actual war zones. Kids don't make it home from school; the state of Illinois is BROKE (along with other states like Florida and California); 70% of all people below the poverty line are CHILDREN. American children go hungry in our country EVERY day. Thousands upon thousands of American citizens are STILL underwater on their mortgages and losing their homes, or working hard at a job that just will not (read: CAN not) pay their living expenses. Even more people are living without health insurance and are essentially one serious illness away from financial collapse.

We have a growing population of uneducated youth and no funds to help them. Teachers are being laid off, schools are being closed across the country, families are working multiple jobs are are somehow unable to meet basic HUMAN needs with their paychecks. We have people suffering and a Congress that is refusing to help them- either with health care or job readiness. WE HAVE COLLEGE EDUCATED PEOPLE WHO ARE UNABLE TO SUPPORT THEMSELVES AND PAY OFF MONIES BORROWED FOR THEIR EDUCATION. Yet here we are, building schools in foreign countries. What? Here we are answering the call for other countries... Here we are, being concerned with the welfare of children half a world away, all the while the needs of OUR children are not being met. How does that work? I think that our Congress, before they say yes to this "no boots on the ground" attack should look very closely at the constituency that put them in office. Are these people suffering? Are they employed? Are their children eating (outside of the meager school breakfast/lunch that is being offered)?

Bring our troops home from these far off places and use their energy to rebuild OUR country before we begin to worry about ANOTHER country. Listen, el Presidente-- I am not trying to be insensitive. Really, I am not... and I am trying to come up with a good way to say that I don't really care what happens in other countries, but I can't come up with anything... without curse words involved. And since my mom thinks that you are her boyfriend, let me try to keep this as professional as possible... Ok, I did not cast MY vote for you (in both elections, I might add) so that you could run around here and take care of everyone else BESIDES the American public. We cannot and should NOT attempt to save everyone. To make matters worse, you tried to make us believe that you have good intentions with this strike- that it was for the dead children you saw in that video last week. C'mon now, Barack, you know THAT is not true. We would not get involved if there was not a benefit coming to the United States. You wanting to get involved makes me want to ask exactly what you think we are going to get out of this... but I don't really care because we need to tend to our own business.

Lastly, let me just let you know that the fact that you took to the television airwaves the night BEFORE the 12th anniversary of one of the most hurtful events in recent American history- talking about threats to American security- was not lost on me. I see through right through that bogus shit. It doesn't look good on you... and it is very Bush-esque. Let me say... he is NOT the President that you want to emulate. You aren't doing this for our safety. You aren't doing this for the Syrian people and you certainly do not have the betterment of the American people in mind. Let's take a year, 365 days and really put forth some effort to examine and turn around some problems that face the American people. You know, those people who pay your salary and the salaries of the Congress members that you are asking to do your war-mongering deeds. Yup, us. Care about US. Take care of US. Fix OUR problems. Worry about other countries second... for once.


One concerned, Hot, Black and Bitter Voter



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