Friday, September 27, 2013

Fed Up Friday - Help Yourself

Right after a trip to see Lefty's family for Thanksgiving last year, we were stopped, while we were eating, by a young woman wanting to use my phone. I am (unnaturally) attached to my iPhone. Whatever, I admit it. I made her sit right next to us, but I did let her use my phone. In the midst of this we got a tearful story explaining why she was there (with her baby) and what was going on. There was an accusation of some sort of domestic violence, more crying, anger, more crying. It went on for almost an hour. We offered to drive her to a shelter. She didn't want to share a cot with her toddler. We offered to give her a ride to a friend's house. My dad gave us the names of places that have emergency shelter for women and children. She didn't want to go and after a while we realized that she wanted money- not help. She wanted me to do all the work, simply because she cried... and we all know I wasn't going for that.

 For the next eight weeks I will be in a class for work. I have been in this class for seven weeks already. I am surrounded by morons. Actually, there are a few good people and more than a few haters. We have tests that we have to take-- I tend to score very well. Hey, I'm a nerd, what can I say? There is a group of women who are MAD about it. Like, give me their "stank faces" mad about it. Like, 'will not talk to me unless it is absolutely necessary for class' mad about it. Like 'side remarks when they think I can't hear them' mad about it. And let me say, no matter what the reason, I do not care. Smarts come easy to me-- because I work my ass off. I study. I pay attention (even when I don't want to). I make it work and my classmates could easily be in the same boat. And starting next week we have to pair up and help each other. Um, hell no. I am supposed to help someone who refuses to pay attention and help themselves?

Listen- here is my deal. I am generally not nice. I don't find it necessary a lot of the time. But, ever so often, I am willing to go out of my way to help someone out. For my help, you only have to do two things: 1- ask me (because I don't pretend to be a mind reader) and 2- put forth some effort to help yourself. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. I can tell you, there have been times when my friends have come to my rescue. Times when I was doing all I could and still not making it. But in all those instances, I was doing everything that I could. I was putting forth effort. I wasn't spending money I didn't have; I wasn't partying it up or shirking my responsibilities. I was going through the channels set out for me and was super fortunate to have people around me who noticed that I needed help WHILE I was doing all I could do to keep afloat. I know that people can't get through this thing called life by themselves. I know that sometimes you need help. I get it-- trust me. But don't sit on your hands while you are steadily asking me to break my back for you. Don't ask me for help if you are not going to contribute. Don't ask me to sweat while you bask in some air conditioning. Get your ass up and sweat next to me. Contribute!! Help yourself!



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