Tuesday, October 15, 2013

No Money... Except for the Shit We Like

I have been trying to hold it together during all this government shutdown bullshit, but I read something today that made me want to drive to D.C. and start banging heads together. Today is October 15, 2013. In exactly 2 days the Congress of the United States of America is going to have to come to some agreement so that the nation can continue to pay its bills, and not hit the debt ceiling that is being squawked about on EVERY news/financial station in the land.

Yes, our Congress is going to have to actually work for their paycheck. It will be nothing short of amazing. Also, while the debt ceiling fiasco is looming, the government has been partially shutdown for three weeks. Federal workers have been furloughed. National Parks are closed. Until late last week, death benefits for soldiers were being denied. Consumer confidence is at a 9 month low. Misinformed people are blaming the President... but the real blame lies with our uncompromising, shiftless Congress.

Most of this nonsense is happening because of the GOP and their undying need to attempt to do harm to the President and the Affordable Care Act. Oh- you know the Affordable Care Act by its other name-- Obamacare. You know, that health care act that the Republicans keep screaming they don't want to fund (but it is already funded). The one that the Republicans keep saying the American people do not want (but we DO want it and desperately NEED it). The one that they contested (but has been upheld by the highest court in the land). Yep, that one. Say what you will, but this shutdown is not because of Barack. He and I have other issues that we need to work out, but this (badly) is not one of them.

While the Republican led crusade against the President wages on, hamstringing the finances of the American people, there is still money being spent... lots of money. About 10 days ago the Navy Seals went on a super secret mission- money- to capture a terrorist in a far off land- more money- and bring him to some sort of "justice"- always boatloads of money. Now, I am all about getting terrorists off the street, right? But when American CITIZENS cannot go to work because Congress can't get their shit together, it seems foolish to go out and spend money - that you keep saying we DON'T have - to capture ONE man. But we did... so what are you gonna do, right? And I could even deal with that misuse of funds - hell, Congress misuses the hard earned dollars of the American public EVERY day, so we are kind of used to it, but there is a new dimension to the story...

Last night, I was watching the news and the story said that this guy, the Terrorist, Anas Al-Libi is on American soil because he needs to have life saving medical attention. Dude, let me get this right: during a time when our lawmakers cannot agree enough to keep civilian federal workers in their offices, because they want to fight a war of words over an Affordable Care Act which is already law, our government (who had to be coerced into paying death benefits to soldier's families) captured a known terrorist and have brought him into the United States to receive FREE healthcare for life saving treatments?!?! On the American people's dime?!!? A terrorist is being afforded a right that the American people do not have??? A right that the Republicans do not want to extend to the poorest American citizens???

Oh, I see... makes total sense now.


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