Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Mojo with HBB

I received an email that asked "what do you and Lefty do for fun?"

Well… we live in Central Ohio and it IS football season, so we do random stuff around the house (like today, I cleaned the carpets in the master bedroom and the hallway) and then we (read: I) watch football. Living so close to Ohio State gives me a great home team to cheer for. Lefty doesn't really watch all the time, but since he graduated from Ohio State and I am *slightly* fanatic about my love for the Buckeyes, he is coming around!

Also tonight, my (not so) little brother, Big Man, and his high school football team will be playing in the Division V Regional final game against some school I have never heard of, in the middle of nowhere. So not only am I typing this while my Buckeyes are on, Lefty and I are stacking on clothing and getting ready to head to Nelsonville, Ohio to freeze our tushes off while loudly embarrassing my 18 year-old brother. This could most truthfully be characterized as the event that is going to brighten my WHOLE day. I am convinced that the Big Man loves it when I scream his name from the stands… and if he doesn't, he better not tell me. Any revelation like that will only make me scream louder.

Really, we do a lot of other things for fun and I will review what we did this summer… and thank you for the question. Keep them coming!!

Just in case Big Man is reading this, here is an inspirational video from my second favorite football team :) Lefty and I will be there rooting for you!! Go Hawks! Go Bucks!!


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