Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Wedding Whimsy - Kittie's Cakes, A Review

Party planning is currently in overdrive in our household. With less than two months to go, I have a ton of Is to dot and Ts to cross. All I can say is I am working on it. There is one thing that we knew almost from the beginning- we knew who was going to supply the cake/goodies for our party. 

**Disclaimer: I went to the same school as one of the owners of Kittie's Cakes (but she is considerably younger than I am )… however, I am from Columbus and know a fair amount of people here, so our personal relationship has nothing to do with this review. Please check out the flavors on their website HERE-- be excited!!**

Lefty and I started to frequent Kittie's soon after they opened. Seriously, we used to stop by before heading out to work in the factory and the goodies hardly made it through the 40 minute trip. So good. My absolute favorite= the Oatmeal Cream Pies. Fresh cream filling, perfectly baked oatmeal cookies. Are you kidding me?!?! Now, I have to say-- I have a wicked sweet tooth. It is an obsession. I am always looking for something sweet to eat. I usually have candy in my purse and when we worked together, Lefty used to carry a pouch of Fruit Gushers in his lunchbox, just in case I had a sugar need. Yeah- it is bad. So imagine how I behave in a bakery!! 

I can say that I have tried all the flavors at this point (except the new seasonal- Thanksgiving Throwback). I do have favorites (like the three I picked for the party) and some that I have tried once or twice and I will probably never have again (like the Chocolate "Chip"-- which I think is just an acquired taste). As Kittie's gets more and more popular, I am happy to know that our party guests will be enjoying what we think are the best baked goods in the city. I cannot stress how much I want you to go here if you are in Columbus, Ohio… you might even like the Chocolate "Chip"!! Here are a few pics from the last 8 months or so- and at the bottom, the flavors for our party will be revealed!! 

Oatmeal Cream Pie- I cannot explain how fabulous these things are! 

Kittie's Cakes! 

Mini Cupcakes- top Coconut Cream, bottom Cookies & Cream

More mini cupcakes- clockwise- Ooey Gooey Chocolate, Dutch, Classic Buckeye, and White Lavender

Cinnamon Roll Cake-- I do not even share these with Lefty.

So which are my favorites? Oatmeal Cream Pies, Cinnamon Roll Cake (as mentioned above). As far as the cupcake flavors my absolute flavors are as follows: White Out, Coconut Cream, Classic Buckeye and Cookies & Cream. For the party we are having a Coconut Cream Cake, Cookies & Cream Cupcakes and Classic Buckeye Cupcakes. Yum!!


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