Saturday, January 18, 2014

Soulful Saturday - Stevie Wonder

I don't know what took me so long to make Stevie Wonder a Soulful Saturday post. I mean, almost ALL the music that this man makes is timeless and would play on repeat on the soundtrack of my life. On those Saturday mornings of my youth, when we would spend times as a family doing chores and hanging out, there was always at least one Stevie Wonder song. Poppa Mox doing the hand dance with Momma Mox, my sister and I feigning disgust when they kissed. Oh, the joys of a close knit family, cleaning the house on breezy midwest Saturday mornings.

Stevie Wonder is an inspiration. Seriously. He makes songs for every portion of your life; birth, heartache, new found love, triumphs, and let downs. Anything you got, he has a song for it. (And incidentally the song you need to hear can probably be found on the Songs In The Key of Life album). Let's check him out:


Living For The City (w/ Ray Charles)

Part Time Lover 

*we are undercover passion on the run*
*we are strangers by day, lovers by night, knowing it is so wrong, the feeling is so right*

Do I Do

*Just the mention of your name seems to drive my head insane*

 Knocks Me Off My Feet

I Wish


Overjoyed (My Lefty Dedication) 


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