Saturday, January 04, 2014

Soulful Saturday - Work Tunes

I had to work on New Year's Eve… until 5:45pm. It was painfully slow for a large portion of the time I was in the office. My co-workers were bored… so was I. Y'all, painfully S.L.O.W. Do you know what happens when it is slow at work? Co-workers lean in and act like assholes; and THAT is exactly what we did. We sat in our little pods and reminisced about music when we were growing up. The conversation was limited to the 90s (yeah, like late 90s) because I am one of the older people in my little pod. It was funny though… because some some mentioned were songs (and groups) that I have not thought about in YEARS. We sat around singing snippets of songs, laughing our heads off like complete morons-- it was amazing that I was getting paid for that.

Just goes to show that if it is really slow in the office, you should probably send your workers home… or stand the chance of paying them for doing absolutely nothing even remotely work related… like singing and looking up lyrics. Who remembers these gems?

DRS - Gangsta Lean

PS- one of us had some brown glasses just like the lead singer, Grades 6-8… I won't elaborate one who that might have been...

Crazy Town - Butterfly

Bone Thugs & Harmony - Crossroads

Vanilla Ice - Ice, Ice Baby

Sugar Ray - Fly


These young kids today! It was really nice to shoot the shit with my co-workers on NYE, and bring in the New Year with my husband, at home, watching movies and eating pizza. So, once again,Happy New Year, y'all… you will be seeing so much more of me in 2014!


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