Thursday, May 15, 2014

1950s Mentality - A Beginning (House)Wife

A little glimpse into the life of Hot, Black and Bitter: I love history. In fact, both Lefty and I have undergraduate degrees in History. My concentration in undergrad was 20th century American history, mostly the 1960s. I love the turbulent times of the 60s. I love to look around and see the changes that have taken place because of the selflessness of some in the 60s; the simple audacity of very few that sent an entire country into change. For me the idea of THAT was awe inspiring. I read the news and see the correlation of things happening today and what happened 50 years ago. Life is cyclical and all, just in case you were wondering!

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend about the 1950s and how a direct turn from that decade led directly to the movements of the 1960s and how awfully hard I thought those women of the 19502 had it. I mean, they had lived through and been single parents during the war, most born right before the Great Depression. These are the parents of the "Baby Boomers" the most talked about generation... Ever (it seems sometimes). These women (generally) were still participating in very traditional gender roles, they worked in (and showed pride in) the home, raised kids, doted on their husbands and did all the housework. I'm just going to repeat that... Yeah, that is right, they did all the housework. All of this and I am pretty sure they would be (rightfully) shunned if they wore yoga pants everywhere. So I, of course, started to think... "Could I make it as a 50s housewife? First thought? Absolutely not. First, Lefty and I work different shifts and don't spend lots of time together during the week. Secondly, I don't dote. On anyone. Ok, maybe my mother. Possibly. Third, when I think of the perceived attitude that was necessary to thrive in the 1950s... not necessarily subservient, but definitely, um, gracious, that is not the attitude I got. All jokes aside, it is really not my forte. If I am being honest. 

But I have decided to give this a shot anyway. For the next month I am going to be as much of a 1950s wife as I can be. I am thinking that I can take back our home from the cat hair that is floating around, the (still) unpacked boxes that litter the library, the animals that supposedly bring joy into my daily life. Plus, I am sure that Lefty would appreciate a home cooked meal occasionally.  Clearly there are some limitations. The internet was not around in the 50s... and I am NOT giving it up for the next month. Ain't happening. Besides, how can I report on all my mishaps? Internet time will be *slightly* limited though. I will post on the blog but time on Facebook is going to decrease... I am sure that it will have to since I will be spending a lot more time doing other things... like chores. Also- I am not taking a month off work-- so I will have to participate in this experiment during off hours and on the weekends. That generally means that I will be cooking at night and Lefty will be eating it the next day. Ah, the evils of him working second shift. I will post updates, successful recipes, catastrophes, cleaning schedule and (possible) outfits of the day, if I am looking super fabulous. 

I know that I won't be able to totally immerse myself in the time period, but I am going to try my best to show pride in my family, home, husband and get the feel of a 1950s wife. Let's cross our fingers that I make it the whole month!! 

Let's get after it, 50s style! (Be prepared for a few history lessons too... and I am not sorry about it!) 


Lefty said...

We can't go back to the '50s- thank God- but this is pretty cool. And you cook often, and well, anyway, but I sure am enjoying these meals :)

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