Saturday, May 30, 2015

Soulful Saturday - Country (Pop)

So, I have a friend that will absolutely HATE this post. I'm ok with it & sending him love and hugs anyway.

Lefty and I were having a conversation last weekend (that is how most of these blog posts start, a conversation in passing) about country music. I don't really DO country music. I mean, it just is not my thing. My contribution to the conversation was something along the lines of "I think that there is an outline for country songs. It has to have a twang, a pickup truck, a coon dog and they have to be in love with a sister or a cousin, right?" Lefty was not totally on board with my assessment, but at least he agreed that there HAS to be a twang.

I have a couple of friends (brothers, no less) that think that today's country is awful-- they are purists... Country Music Purists. Who knew? Now I am not sure what that entails, but I am SUPER SURE that country music purists will hate every song listed tonight. Know why? Because I like my country music catchy, poppy, with hot guys in a cowboy hat and tight jeans. And I make no apology for that. I am sure that country music of yesteryear (just like R&B music) was better than what is presented now... but my standards in the country genre are VERY low. So low... they only wear a cowboy hat and tight jeans. Here is looking at you, hot boys with twangs, in love with your sister, your dog and (most importantly) your pickup truck. Here is to you!!

Sam Hunt - Take Your Time

You know what? I feel your judgey eyes. I don't care. He played college football and in our pretend relationship his nickname is "The Body" and he loves chocolate girls. So now!

Florida Georgia Line - Cruise

The epitome of 'Bro Country' and honestly, I am sure they have come out with other songs... but those songs don't include Nelly... so I am not interested. Nelly: You make me wanna roll my, roll my... Ooo!!

Brantley Gilbert - Small Town Throw Down

WHO ARE THESE BOYS?!?!?! This video just cracks my shit up. I canNOT even deal when I watch this. It has no chill. Hey, did you know that there is redneck grapevine? Me either. Let's throw down!

Keith Urban - Come Back To Me

The prettiest of the pretty country boys. I don't care that he is 5 feet tall. I don't care that I (most likely) outweigh him by at least 20 pounds. I don't even care that on my best day, his hair will ALWAYS look better than mine. I don't care. Keith is my country husband. Don't be jealous. And back up... don't make me cut you for touching my little man.

Blake Shelton - Honey Bee 

He is SUPA fine... but I am scared of his wife, so I am laying no claims. SUPA FINE.


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