Saturday, May 23, 2015

Soulful Saturday - Pat Benatar

A few weeks ago, Lefty and I took a short trip east on 70 to a cute little town called Zanesville, for a Pat Benatar concert. What?! Oh yes, that is right, Pat Benatar. Now, we have been trying to see this showstopper for a while. We got tickets twice last year and the show was rescheduled each time. We actually joked-- wondering if this concert was going to happen, but we took the trip anyway. It is about an hour in the car... and really, who wouldn't travel an hour to hear Pat Benatar belt out some 80s songs and hopefully NOT do a dance move.

This concert was part of her 35th anniversary tour with her seriously adorable husband. Seriously adorable. Like, hot. And when I tell you that we had a ball. Y'all, we had a BALL. There was dancing in the aisles. There was some loud singing along. Think of it as a two hour, stationary car concert... because that is what it was. And I loved every moment of it.

I think that Pat and Neil are still touring. If they are, do yourself a favor, GET THEE TO THE CONCERT. She still sounds and looks great and they compliment each other perfectly. Below, for your enjoyment (and mine-- reliving the night) here are some rocking selections from Ms. Pat Benatar. Feel free to dance, or just grab that paddle brush off your bathroom counter and sing along. If you want to dress in 80s clothes and crimp your hair, I can get with that-- just make a video because I need evidence that it happened! :)

We Belong

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Heartbreaker/Ring of Fire (from another 2015 show!)

Love Is A Battlefield (yes, yes it is)
**ps I hope that whoever talked Pat into that dance sequence never worked on another music video for the rest of their lives.


Adriana B said...

I enjoyed readinng your post

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