Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Wanderlust - Austin, TX

Good Mercy -- it has been a while!! I had planned on taking a blogging break because Lefty and I were traveling for three weekends in a row and wouldn't you know it... as soon as I decided to take a little break, everything goes CRAZY!! There weeks ago, I was getting ready to go to Blogging While Brown in Austin, Texas. I was super hyped because one of my dear friends lives in Austin, so Lefty and I planned to stay with her and her husband and eat our way through Austin at night. The last time I was in Austin was during SXSW in 2008 AND this was going to be our first big trip of the summer, so I was happy, happy. 

Then came the news - a gunman worshipped at a church in Charleston, SC then stood up and shot and killed 9 people. Not the news I needed to hear; not the fight I wanted to take up-- again; not the beginning of fun times, right? I commented on Twitter and my Facebook page, liked the well written blogs about the tragedy, but I have decided not to write about it myself... right now. I am not sure that my words would be entirely helpful and I am not totally convinced that I can relay my feelings in a way that could be read by small children or nuns (if you get what I mean). I am angry, y'all. Like, clock on everyone, angry. Like, these deep breaths and counting to 10 is not even phasing these fucked up feelings I have, angry. So that is gonna be another battle for another time.  

I went to a fabulous conference but then came home to a once flooded basement. What?! Around 26 inches of water invaded our basement during/after the torrential downpour that central Ohio received the last Saturday of June. When we came home late Sunday night, surprise does not even touch how I was feeling. 1:30 AM and that 'wet' smell in your basement; destroyed belongings; soggy, wet cardboard; wet drywall; hot water heater, out; A/C out-- in the summer... Y'all. So not happy. That was the at the conclusion of the FIRST trip.  I haven't really been wearing a smile while dealing with this, but I will tell you about my trip and even give y'all some pics to look at (woot, woot!)

One of my best girlfriends moved from Chicago to Austin earlier this year. She loves it! The food is fabulous, the people are nice and there is plenty to do. To say that we had fun would be an understatement! :) Below are some photos from out explorations. Austin is going to be a destination for us to visit again... really soon.  Here are some of what was captured digitally while we were in the Lonestar State. 

While walking down the street downtown, we got some advice. Some good advice!

This made me laugh. So hard. Hilarious. 

In a smoke shop, off the beaten path. 

Listen. Listen. Listen. If you are in the Austin area... get to Kreuz. Immediately. You're welcome.

The longer the Internet exists, the MORE we all know this sticker is necessary & true. 


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