Saturday, April 01, 2017

Aggressive Behavior

Let's have a little discussion about misplaced aggressive behavior. My feathers are all sort of ruffled because two days ago, in my fair city, there was a shooting at a mall. Now, truthfully, this is disturbing for several reasons. 1. These are grown ass women-- not teenagers (not that teens would get a pass either, but you get what I'm saying) 2. The mall is not far from where I live, 3. Shooting people... at any mall? Awful and 3. it has been reported that the ongoing fight that started this whole clusterfuck was about some dude. Y'all. Ladies... please know that I am typing this while giving the deepest, most slanderous side eye that I can muster. Let me summarize the story: Both ladies (using that term lightly) had a child with the same douche. Douche is now incarcerated. Lady A was interviewing for a job at the mall. Lady B saw her, argued and shot her. Lady A is in the hospital. Lady B was arrested and has bonded out of jail. AND, the families of these two "ladies" had a scuffle at the shooter's arraignment. Ma'am, what?!

Now let's be real-- I have raised my voice over a guy, absolutely. I have cussed some folks O-U-T for their behavior while we were dating. They deserved it and I still don't feel bad. But what I have never done is SHOOT someone or done anything that would have me facing jail time over some guy. Not me. I am not the one. I have said several times that I am too pretty for prison (still true) but I have to point out that I am also allergic to looking stupid. And there is no doubt that if you get carted off to jail for fighting over a guy... you look stupid.

When my sister and I were growing up, our parents used to constantly tell us "don't you leave this house and embarrass this family." I think people, women especially, need to hold this rule in high regard. You are fighting over some dude and your family and friends have to watch the replay of your stupidity on the 5, 6 and 11 o'clock news? Come on, don't do that. There is not a man shortage out here. There isn't. And even if there were, you going to jail for shooting someone is not going to help your situation, now is it? 

I firmly believe that if more women had attentive and loving parents in their lives during their formative years, shit like this would not happen. Clearly, the shooter needed someone to make her feel good about herself; needed some extra love and hugs or something.  Shit, not for nothing, she really shouldn't even be upset with that chick she shot. She should be mad at the douche she procreated with... and herself. She needs to focus her anger on the correct person. Truthfully, as soon as I found out that he was expecting a child with someone else I would have been done with him... nothing more to say. Lesson of the day is that misplaced aggression with get you a felony count and some jail time. Keep it classy.


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