Thursday, May 18, 2017

Country Over Party

Wow, wow, wowzers. The daily life of an American citizen these days, am I right? Our news cycle is in overdrive. The idea that democracy itself is under attack is actually a viable talking point. The country is being led by a stooge... and there are legitimate questions about just whose team the stooge plays for-- the United States or Russia. As a citizen watching the quite frequent misses of this administration, I have to say that it is ALL disturbing. The attack on our fundamental values. This dismissive attitude towards the elderly, the poor, minorities and women are alarming (to say the very least). The inability to admit the current administrations faults is mind numbing. For me, the worst sin is the adamant defense of EVERYTHING that Tangerine Dream does. It is irritating and insulting. 

I have no issue in stating (every day, all day) that I am no fan of Tangerine Dream. I have never been. I knew that there were problems with Hillary and wrote that. I have and will continue to dislike Bernie Sanders, but even I would take his fake ass over the Orange Occupant of the White House. Because I am a thinking person, I know that no matter WHO is in the White House they will not satisfy MY agenda 100% of the time. It is impossible. Example: I love Barack Obama. I voted for him twice; if possible I would have voted for him again. I love his family, his demeanor, his deliberate walk and speech patterns. However, Barack and I didn't see eye to eye on some things. Not just White House things... I lived in Illinois when he was a U.S. Senator. I know now and I knew then that sometimes he would have to do some things that I didn't like... for the greater good. That is the life of ANY politician. So the idea that everyone in the White House agrees with EVERY move that the Orange Oligarch says and does insults my intelligence. That shit is impossible. Seriously. 

As the weeks go on and the news keeps coming, I have but one hope for politicians that represent U.S. citizens: I hope (and pray, if that helps) that they choose Country over Party. Listen, I am not a bitter liberal, ok? I get that both the House and Senate are overrun with Republicans. I get that a small number of folks wanted Tangerine Dream in the White House. I get that we lost in November-- and I don't dispute it. I get that there are differences between the parties-- always have been, always will be. What I DON'T get is how those differences have led us HERE. We all want the same thing: we want to be able to live a free life, make money and take care of our families. It is true that there is more than one way to get to those goals, but is possible collusion with a foreign government one of those ways? Is being demeaning to our elderly, our poor one of those ways? Is giving a tax cut (or several) to the ultra rich one of those ways.... even though history has shown us that it doesn't work?? 

What we need right now is some level-headedness. Some common sense. The question is: where the hell are we going to get that? This administration certainly does not supply level-headedness. Hell no on the common sense also. I mean, Pence seems to be right in the mix of all this lawlessness. Paul Ryan just shucks, jives and agrees (even though Tangerine Dream has thrown his ass under the bus SEVERAL times). Orrin Hatch = hot mess. Jeff Sessions = hotter mess. All the appointees thus far have been absolutely ridiculous and unqualified (ok, maybe 2 were qualified). So where does that leave us? Hoping and wishing that these fools choose US over loyalty to a party that seems to be out to get us. Hoping that our Representatives represent our needs. Wishing that we had pushed for Congressional term limits?? Sweet Jesus, take the wheel. 


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