Thursday, June 01, 2017

Respect Is Earned

There is an old saying: "Respect isn't given, it is earned." Nothing quite illustrates this point like modern day politics in America. I have made no secret of the fact that I don't like the current president. I don't generally use his name when I write. I don't agree with his platform and I think he thinks that making America a bully will advance his agenda (it won't). Essentially, he is a jackass. I don't repeat that puppet. He was elected by a minority of folks who believe that America used to be great when everyone "knew their place" and being different wasn't tolerated. That is not the America that I want to raise my daughter in. It is, in fact, the type of America that I rebel against daily. 

On Tuesday comedienne Kathy Griffin posted a picture of herself holding a bloodied trump-like head. Now, listen, I don't really care for Kathy Griffin's style of humor... mostly because she seems obsessed with making out with my pretend boyfriend, Anderson Cooper... but there are tons of comedians that I don't like, Now what she did on Tuesday was completely unacceptable. She said as much in her public apology. It was tacky. As much as I dislike MANY people, I don't picture them beheaded or physically harmed, nor do I want others to picture them that way. That being said... cry me a fucking river. It was tacky and ill conceived but now the Tangerine Tyrant has pulled the sympathy card tweeting that his children are having a hard time with this? Boy Bye.

As much as I talk about politics, I firmly believe that children should be off limits. Once children start throwing jabs (ex. Bristol Palin, Tangerine Dream's older sons) then they can and will be checked, but little kids? Off limits. So, I don't generally talk about the Tyrant's youngest kid. No one should-- to do so would be in bad taste. But... Tangerine Dream says that the imagery of a comedienne holding a mannequin head and fake blood has essentially traumatized his child. Hmm. Ok. I don't give two fucks... and let me tell you when I will start to care about it: not never. 

I will start to care about the Mocker-In-Chief, his feelings and the feelings of his spawn when the following happens: he realizes that he and his ilk did WORSE to President Obama for 9 years-- without apology; he shows that he has an ounce of empathy for minority groups; he goes one whole week without showing a map of the electoral college win; he goes three whole days without bashing Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or the United States of America; he stops tweeting; he ends his love affair with Putin; he reads/speaks at a level above the 8th grade; he stops making money off this presidency; he stops trying to make life unlivable for the poor and the elderly; he actually realizes and denounces the fact that the folks following him are out here killing Brown and Black folks without fear of repercussion; he brings himself to actually mutter the name of Richard Collins III or ANY other citizen that has been murdered by the ilk that follow him; he stops stealing my daughter's future and the future of all of our children; he stops LYING. 

Considering that as I type he is telling the American public that he is pulling us out of the Paris Accord, I seriously doubt that he is going to start caring about Main Street Americans. He cares about continuing to line his pockets and the pockets of his little friends. Do I care that Kathy Griffin hurt his feelings? Nah. His butt buddy Ted Nugent said that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should be killed and his ass got a White House invite, so clearly Tangerine Tyrant only has an issue when this type of attention is directed at him. Get over yourself. You sell Americans short every day. You pump up deplorables with the idea that you are going to get rid of all of us "others" so that they can live on top of the hog in a Leave It To Beaver fantasy world. You devalue my life and the lives of others who look like me. You are trying to assure that my daughter won't have the same opportunities that your children had... that you had. You gladly took part in attempting to destroy this country's first Black President. You are actively trying to destroy women in leadership (Hilary Clinton and Angela Merkel spring to mind)... and you want me to feel bad for you and your devil spawn. Yeah... I'm good. 


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