Saturday, July 03, 2021

Who asked Wendy? Oh, Nobody?

Wendy Williams is a bitter bitch, but not in a good way. At this point we have all seen the “Hot Topics” section where she degraded Tabitha Brown’s decision to help her husband retire from being an officer of the Los Angeles Police Department. Wendy started out by saying “Nope, I was married to one of those.” No ma’am, you were married to an abusive, serial cheater who made you look like an asshole in public, by knocking up some young broad and gallivanting all over the world with her. Sis, have several seats and stop commenting on other people's marriages.  

Now listen- we have all had heartache, and we all see other people’s situation through our lived experiences. However, at some point we ALL need to realize that OUR experiences are not everyone else’s path. Now, I trust my very close friends to listen and give opinions on my marriage because they know me… and they do not hesitate to tell me when I am tripping. They have saved Mr. Hot, Black and Bitter’s life a couple times AND told me to get my shit together more than a few times. Let me say this again: they KNOW me. Well, Wendy started off the segment by saying that she doesn’t even know Tabitha Brown. Let me stop you right there- shut thee fuck up, then. She used what is a huge platform to shit on this lady’s marriage and plans she made with her husband because Kelvin made Wendy look like a fool on the national stage. If you don’t know her or her husband, why are you over here spouting relationship “advice”? 

Tabitha Brown came back on her YouTube channel and read Wendy FOR FILTH in the most Christian way and Wendy deserved every sentence of ridicule. If the last year has taught us nothing, we should have, at the very least, learned to mind the business that fucking pays you. Wendy should keep her mouth off other people’s relationships because when she was going through that embarrassing shit with Kelvin, she didn’t want to talk about her relationship. If a couple makes an agreement that they will alternate who brings in the most money during a certain time in their marriage, mind your business. If a couple agrees that person A will work outside the home, while person B keeps the home, mind your fucking business. If their decisions don’t affect YOUR purse, Tabitha’s take down of Wendy was so epic, I forwarded it to my parents… because I am petty and I thought it was funny. I included the video below. Because I’m petty and I think it is funny. Wendy, get you some business, bitch. 


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