Sunday, August 24, 2008

Def Poetry - Julian Curry... Miss Mox's reflection on the "n" word...

Anyone who knows me, or has spoken to me knows that I DETEST the "n" word. I don't repeat it in song, in conversation or in jest. I think that you can NEVER expect this hurtful word to go away if you use it on a regular basis. Men and women (not just blacks, either) fought and died so that we did NOT have to face the "n" word- at least not overtly; we can get an education; have an unlimited journey that is no longer stifled by the fact that our skin tones are a bit darker. Yet, here we are in 2008, using a word that evokes such hate.
To my surprise, there are "poets" out there who have embraced the word, while they claim to fight towards an ever elusive equality. How will the equality ever become a reality when you spend time calling your friends a word that has brought so much damage to the psyche of the people that you are claiming to love?
These "poets" are so quick to condemn interracial love, higher education, and those they believe have betrayed the "black experience", those who have risen above a line that they have drawn in the sand, but rush to identify their beloved people as the "n" word. They can say it because they are black, right? But then there is an attitude that cannot be matched if a White person says it, an Asian, anyone other than the "chosen few".. the Blacks that "keep it real."
What exactly are you teaching the children coming after you? The double standard that you protest, the one that "keeps a Black man (or woman) down", that horrible double standard that has been enacted to keep you away from the American Dream... THAT double standard is ok, when you (and only you and people who look like you) say this word? Alright Johnny, if mommy says this word it is ok, but if the white guy down the street says it, be upset- he is trying to belittle you. Yep Johnny, it is ok to listen to music where the "n" word is prevalent... Don't worry about it Johnny, it is a term of endearment for Black people... NO, IT IS NOT!
Never is it ok for anyone, OF ANY RACE, to use the "n" word. It should be erased from the language. I don't want White people to use the word- as much as I don't want to walk down the streets of southside Chicago and hear the word being used by adolescent Black kids, thinking that they are cool. "n" is not cool- it is the biggest fairy tale ever sold. There is no embracing this word, or the way of life that goes with it. Comments?
- Jumping off the soap box... J


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