Wednesday, November 25, 2009

College Football and Hurt Feelings

So- as I watched my Ohio State Buckeyes beat michigan (again)this past weekend, I watched my husband (Jim Tressel) as he paced the sideline, calling plays and encouraging the guys. I guess I should be clear, Jim Tressel and I are only married in my dreams, and he is one of many husbands. The hubbies span different industries, age ranges and levels of attractiveness. Once a hubby is added to the list, they aren't taken off...and the list is full of people who probably should not be grouped together. For example, four men on my hubby list: Eddie Vedder (of course), Sean Penn (think Mystic River), Brady Quinn (hot Columbus boy) and Sean Connery. Now really, do those 4 names even go together... Ah, but I digress.

As I am watching Jimmy T (see, I have even given them cool nicknames) encouraging the best college football team in America (!) I also start reading a digital article about the Kansas head football coach, Mark Mangino. Mr. (using that term loosely) Mangino is accused of being extremely rude to the young men that play for him. And not rude, like cussing at them, or calling them douchebags. We are talking rude like, "if you don't do what I say, I will send your ass back to the ghetto." He is actually quoted as saying that if a player did not do what he said he would "send him back to his hood to get shot like his homies." WHAT???

Ok- I want to say that Mangino is upset with the world because he is fat and unattractive. But I don't think that is it, at least not all of it. I mean, you have to be a real asshole to say crap like that. I just think he needs to be fired- immediately. I am not even going to say that he is racist. Even if that is the case, which I am sure it is, it takes a backseat to the fact that at least 60 pairs of parents send their young men to be further molded by a fat douchebag who claims that he has the power to send these boys back to the ghetto to be shot like their homies. Awful.
There is a difference between tough love and just being a dick. It is obvious that Mangino is not familiar with that line. I, like most people, struggle with that myself sometimes. I yell at the neighborhood kids, but I never call them hoodrats or tell them they will get shot like their homies. That is more of a reality here than in Kansas, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

If my son was away from home for the first time and he called me with stories like what is being reported about Mangino, I think it would be safe to say...hell hath no fury. Alumni should be up in arms, parents should be inconsolable AND threatening to remove their kids from the University. Maybe if they threatened the pocketbook of the university, something would be done. Maybe the AD wouldn't drag his feet if that was his son being verbally abused? Maybe, just maybe those football players will jump Mangino's big ass in the locker room after the final game of the season- a little payback? Maybe someone should threaten to starve Mangino for a couple meals?? Just another reminder to build up the youth of American with discipline...not rude, insulting behavior. I mean, I know that everyone can't be as outstanding as my hubby Jimmy T... But they could at least try- right? ;)

Miss Mox


Don said...

Funny post, especially where you spoke of Mangino. LOL.

Miss Mox said...

I (try) to not be harsh- all the time- but if he actually said those things, he deserves all the names that I called him!! :)

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