Monday, November 22, 2010

A Week of Thankfulness- Friends

Today (and every day) I am thankful for my friends. My extended family of brothers and sisters! There are not enough words in use to describe the love that I have for my friends. I am a firm believer that friends are the family that you get to choose; and I have to say, I surround myself with some quality people. I am not talking about acquaintances. I have those and they can be easily dismissed. I have spent a lifetime learning the difference between a good time "buddy" and a friend I can call at three in the morning to pick me up from a police station (that hasn't ever happened, but it is nice to have a list of people to call).

Since they are family, the lessons from yesterdays post holds true. There is nothing above family. When one of us is poor, we all pull together and take care of it. When one of us is crying, we listen and plot revenge. When one of us needs help he or she gets it. When we have stress, get married, have babies, experience a death, it happens to us all and we go through it together. I have picked up more than a few friends at crazy times of night; driven to different states for last minute visits, been picked up for emergency runs back to Columbus, went to an event, volunteered for moving duty, and been taken care of when I was in need. Give and take is what we have built our lives together on. It is that give and take that allows for us to be so very different, yet, able to co-exist. Do I like all of the people my friends associate with? HELL NO. But, I love my friends and for them I make the small sacrifice of participating in their life events, no matter who is around.

I have friends that I have known since I started to walk and talk and friends that have become an integral part of my life, who I have know for a year. They all bring a certain something to my life. My friends know me, they accept me (and my crazy moods). Some can tell the kind of day I am having by the way I answer he phone. Some, I swear have ESP and call or text me just when I need it. Some (very few) have the ability to yell at me and snap my ass back into reality. All of them own a place in my heart. They make my days better and through their love and understanding, they make me better.


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