Friday, November 26, 2010

A week of Thankfulness- Haters

This seems weird, huh? To be thankful for someone not liking you? It seems weird to take joy in the fact that someone can dislike you so much that they think of things to make your day hard. I have to say, it seems odd, but I love it.

For me the biggest and best form of flattery comes from a person that is trying to drag my name through the mud. Because EVERY chance I get, I will prove them wrong. Tell me I can't be successful and I will make you EAT.THOSE.WORDS. Tell me I can't do something and I WILL do it...well. Better than you... and your friends. And then I will smile in your face. See, I love to be right and I love to make people question their perceptions of me. So you can talk trash all day. And guess what? I will be on your mind-- ALL day.

You remember that song Conceited by Remy Ma? Yeah, that was my theme song for a while. I am not phased by women who think that I want their boyfriends, or by men who are insecure. It makes me smile and it should be a clue that they need to get themselves together. I don't have time to be everyones cheerleader, so if you are feeling like you aren't up to par, more than likely, you aren't.

I am, by no means, where I aspire to be... but I am on my way. And no Debbie Downer is going to make me feel bad about who I am or what I do. There have been some who have caught me off guard, but trust and believe this: No one will put me on a higher pedestal than I have placed myself on. And I am not giving anyone permission to take my pedestal away.. SO hate on, my friends. In the end, I will be victorious. Below, Remy Ma and Katt Williams illustrate my point.


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