Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just a Taste Tuesday

I Can Make It Better

Key Lyrics:

*Whatever you're going through
I can make it better
No one should be making you feel like you do
I can make it better
Don't be a link in his chain
Tell him you want to be free, you want to love me
Don't let him get in the way

*For every one time that he gives you pleasure
Ten times he makes you wanna cry

It's time for the question baby
What has he done for you lately

*Better for you is better for me
Let's fall in love, I'll make you see
Better for you is better for me, baby
Let's fall in love, I'll make you, I'll make you see

Never again will you hear a lie
Never again will you wanna cry
never, oh no, will there be a tear drop in your eye
Stop all this madness in the name of love
Tell him to leave cuz enough is enough
Let him go baby, save your love for me
Tell him you've found somebody
Who'll give you the love that you just won't believe

~~So Essentially, the whole song~~


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