Saturday, September 17, 2011

Soulful Saturday - The Remakes

There is a song, ok there are several songs that are remade every year. None as good as the originals- in my honest opinion. (With the exception of Jennifer Hudson with "And I'm Telling You"-- that chick SUNG that song.) So below are are some originals and some remakes of some of the best songs on my extensive list! ;) Happy Saturday!

As We Lay-- Shirley Murdock

As We Lay-- Kelly Price

Nothing Compare to you-- Prince
*He is the original composer and gave this song to Sinead... thank God he decided to record it!!

Nothing Compares To You-- Sinead O'Connor

Feeling Good-- Nina Simone
**So MUCH better than JHud. She should have stopped when she was ahead... Yay Nina!!

Feeling Good-- Jennifer Hudson

Somewhere Over the Rainbow-- Judy Garland
**There is no better version, so I'm not going to post anyone after Judy! She rocked! :)


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