Friday, September 02, 2011

Fed Up Friday

It has been a while since I wrote a Fed Up Friday. I don't think I should take so long in between Fed Up Fridays because now I don't think I can fit everything in! I am an observer, by nature, I think. When I am out, no matter where, I am always seeing what some may overlook and hearing things that others may not hear. I say that because I often have public service announcements on facebook and twitter. Oh yes, I am totally that chick typing about you in your walk of shame dress on the el platform. My social media buddies know all about your tacky outfit and how you probably have your underwear in your purse- bad girl! But Fed Up Fridays are more than just a service announcement, more than comments on you and your frat boy escapades. It is a bit more reaching-- or at least it is supposed to be! :) without further delay-- the newest episode of Fed Up Friday...

1. I am so fed up with: The over-sexualization of our children. So, I'm a tv watcher (read: obsessed). There are shows that I watch online because I just cannot miss them. There is some nonsense that I have been roped into watching & now I watch all the time. During one of my tv watching sessions a news story popped up about a new toy on the market. Baby doll, bikini top, suckling noises when you bring the baby up to your chest. What the hell? Let's not be confused- I support the breastfeeders. I'm sure that it is the best interest for babies-- if the mom is able to do it. I'm all for moms being able to breastfeeders when they need to; and teaching their children why breastfeeding is the best choice. HOWEVER, a three year old faux breastfeeding a baby doll? Um, no. I also firmly believe that you shouldn't dress small girls like whore- I don't care what they see & want in the store- everything that is made for small children is not necessarily appropriate. Parents are around to know the difference- right? Take for instance the tshirts that were selling at JCPenney (and have since been pulled). They read: I'm too cute to do homework so my brother does it for me. There were also ones that said: Future Trophy Wife. WTF is that? If you have ever bought some shit like that for your daughter, you need to be arrested. We have GOT to let children know their value while they are in our homes so they know how to behave when they leave our homes. Attractiveness, overt sexiness and dumbing themselves down should not be accepted as a career move!

2. The "controversy" about Cam Newton. WTF?!?! Who gives a shit that Cam Newton's boss doesn't want him to get tattoos or piercings?! Why is that a bad thing? Who remembers when Johnny Damon had to cut his hair to be a Yankee? Um, there was no controversy then and there shouldn't be with Cam. It is not a racial thing and there is no rule (written or unwritten) that says that professional athletes have to be all tatted up. Grow up. Professional sports is a business. A very high earning business and if his boss does not want him to look like a tatted up party boy, then so be it. That man signs his checks and his checks have a LOT of zeroes on them-- as does Derek Jeter's, Alex Rodriguez's and anyone else who plays for the Yankees. Stop complaining about EVERYthing.

3. Tolls and taxes in Illinois. MAN, between Quinn, the tollway and the Chicago Public Schools tax hike, Chicago is going to tax people right out of the city. Why is it becoming SO expensive to live here? Money mismanagement is going to do us all in. :( The CPS Board just voted to raise taxes so more money can go to or school. Our schools that are failing us and have been failing us. What the hell are we paying for? Do you know that Chicago public schools routinely only graduate 55% of their students-- meaning that 45% drop out or otherwise do not complete high school. Is that what I am paying for? Disgruntled does not even begin to describe my feelings on that.

4. People are up in arms about Chaz Bono being on Dancing With The Stars? I am appalled that people watch Dancing With The Stars like that. Who gives a shit if he wants to dance? Who cares? He is not going to be fucking on your tv screen, so why do you care if he is going to be doing the foxtrot with some skinny heifer? I'm telling you-- all of you who think that there is only one way to live life, one way to be happy, one way to love... You are going to reflect back on life, if given the chance, and hate that you didn't open yourself up to every possibility out there. You are not God. You cannot dictate what kinds of people there will be in this world. You can't and if you knew what was good for you, you wouldn't want to. Let Chaz shake his thing on the dance floor. Your life would probably be better if you got off your ass and had some fun too.

5. Last but not least-- I'm going to need el Presidente to grow a backbone. Barack, if you want to do your speech on Wednesday-- don't let that dick Boehner tell you no. You are the President, he is a lackey. You need to start making his life miserable. All this back and forth nonsense, seriously? Not why I voted for you. make him look stupid and get your agenda done. There has to be a way, because he is certainly doing his damnedest to make you look like a fool.

Of course there are the normal pet peeves that I have run into: time wasters, liars, fakers who will remain unnamed... because they know who they are (plus I don't share my limelight with anyone!) Happy Friday, y'all.


mandino said...

I Agree! #3 is especially ridiculous to me. Chicago is overtaxing and underperforming. I would love to help figure out how the heck we can fix this.

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