Monday, December 05, 2011

Mission for the Week - Spread the Love

Every breathing person should see this video and do whatever humanly possible to make sure that Jonah is the last child that ever feels this way. If your kid is a bully, MAKE it stop. If your child is being bullied, become his/her advocate and an advocate for every child that is bullied or otherwise abused. None of us can sit by and let this continue. Make sure that you reiterate everything that you love about your kids/friends/significant other/acquaintances, at every given moment, every day you can. Life is short, so say what you mean and say it while you can. Tomorrow may not come and the last thing you want is for someone to have to guess about your feelings toward them. Even if the feelings are not reciprocated, put it out there, you never know what will come to you.

Give some hugs; send a sweet email; show some appreciation; if you like someone, tell them. Spend your living days saying your "I love yous."


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