Thursday, June 06, 2013

Wedding Whimsy - A Place!!

Big things are happening on the wedding party front. We already know that the ceremony itself is going to be small and downtown, so when looking for a place to celebrate with our friends and families before taking the plunge, we kind of ran into a wall. Seriously, where can two book nerds party it up with their friends and families, drink a large amount of alcohol, and enjoy some great food and music? Stumped, huh? Us too!

We saw this great place in the Hocking Hills. I loved it. The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls was amazing- filled with green-built buildings and very close lodging. The date of our party was the problem. I am not sure if you guys have been to the Hocking Hills area, but... there are HILLS. With a party in December, I was afraid that weather would leave party goers stranded, so I had to vote against the Inn. We decided that we are still going to have a weekend there though, mostly because the area was beautiful AND the staff was so wonderful- so that review will be posted later.

We decided to have our "Preception" (that is what we are calling the wedding party... this week) at... (drum roll) The Thurber Center. Book neediness WIN of the century!! Thurber Center is right next door to the Thurber House here in Columbus. For those who don't know, James Thurber was an author, attended Ohio State (like Lefty) and loved dogs (like yours truly). For more info on James Thurber, please check this out!

We really could not have done any better as far as a place goes! The staff is amazing; the history makes both of us happy and the Center is centrally located, with plenty of room for drinks, food and fun! Operation Eat, Drink and Be Married is officially rolling! :)



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