Monday, June 17, 2013

A Different Kind of Father's Day Post

Yesterday I spent some time with Poppa Hot, Black and Bitter. Lefty and I brought over some dinner (that we did not cook, but stood in a very long line- in the rain- for), we visited. We laughed; we watched some tv; we hung out.

While I was over at the Parentals house (using their lovely wifi) I surfed Facebook a little. On Father's Day. Big Mistake. Some of y'all... I need you to get it together. I saw the same old shit, people complaining about their "baby daddies" who ain't shit, people who are complaining about single mothers getting praise on Father's Day, people complaining about the relationship that their children have with their fathers... and so on. Ok. I have already written about who deserves to get a Happy Father's Day from me. And after yesterday- I can tell you that this post is going to be very different than other Father's Day posts you have seen. Really, I should have titled it "This shit is YOUR fault."

I tire very quickly of adults acting like children. So, needless to say, I absolutely do not condone supposed grown ass men flaking on the responsibilities with their children. I think it is about the worst thing that you could do- the hurt feelings are passed along through generations of that child's children, so the selfish behavior of one person has the potential to hurt more than a handful of people. Multiply that by the number of bastards running around acting like they don't have kids and you see how great this problem can be. There is a special place in hell for those people. That being said- I blame some of these mothers.

Let me say this: some of y'all go into a situation with eyes wide open. You see these "men" and how they interact with children that they have had with other women. Trust me, not EVERY woman they have bedded are crazy... and if they are all, in fact, crazy, then so is that "man." If he is not participating with his children his had prior to meeting you, what makes you think he is going to participate with yours? You see these "men" and how they treat big responsibilities. If they don't have the same type of urgency that you do about staying out of debt, or taking care of the bills, etc.... how do you think he will handle the BIGGEST responsibility of having a child? And the worst: some of you have SEVERAL children with the very same low life that has been stiffing you on child support. Wait- I lied, that is NOT the worst: this is-- some of you refuse to take your sperm donors to court for child support. WTF??

Then you want to take to facebook and other social media outlets to tell everyone what he is and is not; how he does not provide and how he is a bastard for ignoring your kids. Um... couldn't you find that out after baby #1?? Couldn't YOU have seen the patterns before getting impregnated? Couldn't YOU have stopped YOUR own desires for a moment and taken precautions before sex in order to make sure that you would not become pregnant? There is plenty of blame to go around, if you ask me. Just like that asshole is not being responsible once a pregnancy occurs; by all accounts, some of these mothers are not being responsible before the pregnancy occurs. Then, on Father's Day, she complains about his shortcomings. Guess what? He deserves that blame. And so does she.

Open your eyes, people. These kids are out here with NO parents. Dads are too busy running away and some of y'all moms are to busy running after the dads- for selfish reasons. Stop.It.


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