Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chicago Love- A review of Bleeding Heart Bakery

I spend a lot of time on my blog highlighting the no so nice things that happen in the city of Chicago. So much so that I have to remind my reader (and sometimes myself) that I love this city... and I do love it here. One of the reasons I am so fond of Chicago is... food. That is right, food. Simply yummy, unpretentious, great Midwestern food. We eat well here! We should- we spend four to five months running from the bad weather; the summer is not nearly long enough and the winters start in October. How does Chicago make up for that? Simple- we have a kick ass night life, hot men AND we have amazingly great food.

One example of great food is Bleeding Heart Bakery. And before you ask- dessert is food and sometimes for me is breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's right, I said it. I had a bad day not too long ago, visited the Oak Park location bought some cupcakes... proceeded to eat them on the ride home and you know what? The day ended well. :) BHB is a local, sustainable, punk rock bakery- at least that is what their website says! After hearing rave reviews on Twitter, I decided to treat myself and see what all the hype was about

I walked in the bakery and was greeted immediately by the guy behind the counter (so sweet!) He was helping someone else so I had time to decide exactly which flavors were going to up my caloric intake for the day :) I decided on four cupcakes (don't give me that look). I purchased two red velvet cupcakes (the tops were sliced and the cream cheese frosting was on the inside of the cupcake), a carrot cake cupcake and a (are you ready for this??) chocolate peanut butter cupcake- which is vegan. They are all under the category of "Plain Jane" on the menu, but Plain Jane they were not.

I KNEW that the red velvet cupcakes were going to be amazing- and they were. I posted pics on twitter of half eaten cupcakes... from that notorious ride home. They were so yummy with the chocolaty explosion in each bite. I know my friends are laughing at these descriptions, but screw you guys- you're jealous because I am telling you these cupcakes were amazing. I was scared about the carrot cake one. I actually hate to order carrot cake anything because you never know what you are going to get. No one can make it like my mom, who has a secret ingredient that keeps everything moist, so I am always leery to order it- no matter how good everything else is. So as I started to undress this cupcake I was afraid that I had again fallen into the carrot cake trap. SURPRISE!! Totally luscious! Same cream cheese frosting (with a splash of cinnamon, I think)- the cupcake was not dry at all and there was shredded carrots inside. LOVED IT.

Was a little afraid of the vegan choice also. I mean, I get it, some people don't want to consume animal by products. Um, I am not one of those people. Again, I thought the flavor was going to fail. I was not really all that excited about it and I saved my second red velvet cupcake to eat after- just in case. No need. It was very good. I will admit that out of the three flavors the chocolate peanut butter was my least favorite (because gosh darn it that carrot cake one was an unexpected freaking phenom!!) but it was still great. I would eat it again- several times over! :)

ALERT: I just read that they have BACON CUPCAKES. Holy heart attack, Batman! I am going back and I am going to love it!! Since I ate the evidence of my cupcakes, head to their website and check out all the yummy options. This place rocks and I will definitely be back to sample some more cupcakes. Would it be inappropriate to say "I love BHB like a fat kid loves cake"? It is? Damn... ok. I won't say it... again. :) The staff was exceptionally nice and the cupcakes will be a repeat diet buster. Good stuff!! Hope to see you all in line next time I go... ok, behind me in line. :)


Tasha said...

YUMMY!!!! Oh how I love a good cupcake!!! And BHB cupcakes look awesome!!!..It makes me wish I lived back in Chicago.

Miss Mox said...

BHB cupcakes are soooo good. You should see if they send them to NYC!! :)

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