Thursday, September 23, 2010

Say it Ain't So Jesse...

As I was perusing the Chicago Sun Times yesterday morning, I saw the picture of Jesse Jackson (Junior) next to the words "I'm Sorry" and I have to admit that I chuckled a bit. So, if you didn't know, Mayor Richard Daley has said that he will not seek re-election in the upcoming election. For the last three weeks there has been some serious political posturing going on in Chicago. IMHO, the family that has had their chests poked out the most was the Jackson clan. I don't like them. Seriously, none of them. Don't like the Jesses (Junior or Senior) or Junior's wife (who is an Alderwoman). I can just do without their political wrangling and Senior's claims of a racial bias EVERY time something comes up. (Senior- here is a helpful hint- race is not the underlying issue ALL the time. The more you whip out the race card, the less effective it is when it is actually warranted.) I guess there will always be politicians that rub you the wrong way, regardless of party... and the Jackson's rub me the wrong way.

So, what exactly is Junior apologizing for? Apparently, since the family has made it known that there may be some Mayoral aspirations, the shit has hit the fan (take note: heading Chicago will not be an easy job to get). Not only is Junior denying that he tried to buy the Senate seat vacated by Barack, but now he is apologizing for a recently uncovered affair. Um, excuse me while I barf. A political supporter has told the feds that at Junior's request some airline tickets were purchased for a female acquaintance. Ok, WTF? Now I am not advocating that people cheat on their spouses- in fact, I have to admit that I have limited respect for people who DO cheat. If you feel the need to sleep around, man up and tell your significant other. As grown ups there really is no reason to lie; have some dignity and don't be a sleaze ball- honestly. And just remember: how you get someone is how you will lose them. If they cheat on their spouse with you, they will cheat on you with someone else. I mean, I realize that it is really fashionable right now to be the other person, but that shit does not last. And if you think that you are different, you are delusional.

For the sake of argument, let's say that you are a politician and you are going to cheat. Be smart, for the love of Pete!! Do NOT have a supporter pay to fly your side piece from Washington D.C. to Chicago. Why give someone the ammunition they need to take you down? Why give them dirt to use against you, especially if you have political hopes and dreams? Come on Junior! Think with your big head.

I further chuckled when I read that his "female acquaintance" is a hostess at a cigar and martini lounge. That little factoid immediately brought back thoughts of Tiger and his entourage of whores. Is Junior going to have a press conference where he says he did it because he could? Because he didn't think that the rules applied to him? Let's hope not.

Seriously I don't care what Junior does in his private life. If his wife puts up with it, he can do whatever (or whomever) he wants. However, with this Mayoral opening, there is a chance for some substantial change in the city of Chicago. The Daleys have had a choke hold on Chicago for more than four decades (21 years for the dad, 20-so far- for the son). It has been both good and bad. Getting a new name/face and some new blood at the helm is going to be great. Chicago has been dealt more than a few blows in the public arena in the last few years, so I am going to go out on a limb and say maybe we shouldn't elect some asshole that is going to embarrass us more. I mean, if you can't keep it in your pants (or figure out how to hide your indiscretions better) do you deserve to be the Mayor of the third largest city in the United States? Good, bad whatever, you don't ever hear about Mayor Daley having a side piece of ass that he flies all over the country. Yeah, I am leaning towards no Mayor Junior for me. Am I saying that the other potential candidates are better than Junior? No. I AM saying that I am less annoyed with the rest of them, while fully realizing that less annoyance does not equal a great Mayor. In fact, there is only one candidate that I would endorse... and he would have to leave Washington D.C. to take the job. Oh Rahm, go ahead and throw your hat in the ring... I want you to! :)


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