Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time Machine

I would love to think that I am not naive- sincerely. On most fronts I am not... I don't think. ;)BUT- I would like to be able to believe that under all the corruption and money grubbing, people are generally good. Seeing the posts that I put up about the city that I love in, the people I live around, the happenings of the world around me, makes it hard to come to that conclusion.

I was packing up some stuff around my house- awaiting the ability to move out of this place and I came across some cassette tapes (yeah-you read that right) from my youth. After I stopped laughing that I still have cassette tapes in my possession, I started to pop them into my radio and play them. Talk about a walk down memory lane! So out comes the most utopia laden lyrics ever- that's right, Let Love Rule by Lenny Kravitz is in my collection (proudly). He was (IS) so freaking phenomenal. Naive or not, this album allowed me to fall in love with him, his music, those dreadlocks AND the thought that it just might be possible to find common ground with everyone.

For the length of this song- I proudly wave my naivety flag. For a little over three and a half minutes, I remember that in 1989 when this album came out, I still thought that I could be whatever I wanted, do whatever I wanted, I could conquer anything- even hatred. The world was at my little (dirty) fingertips- all I had to do was work hard and grab opportunities like tomatoes on the vine. I look back on those days and wish I could have some of that innocence back. Questions on this day: What did you used to dream that you would be? What did you want to do with your life? Did you make it?

Ah well- there is always the time machine known as the cassette tape to sweep my mind back to simpler times.

Here is a song from the album. I won't post Let Love Rule because most people know that song. Does anybody out there even care is still relevant and I love it! :)
Key Lyrics:
*The dream is lost... Don't let it slip away.
*What will it take for us to join, in peace, my friends?
*Wake up world before it's too late. It's time for love to conquer hate.
*If we can learn that we're one- we can overcome!!
*Does anybody out there even care?


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