Friday, January 27, 2012

Fed Up Friday - A Week of Disrespect

This Fed Up Friday should not NEED to be written, but here I am, doing my angry fast typing because of foolishness running ramped. The things that I am about to say are absolutely common sense, but as my parents have said on more than one occasion-- common sense is not so common. It is so surreal that people need to be reminded that their rude behavior is unacceptable... good thing I like to point it out and correct these mofos ASAP. If you happen to be one of the people that I have to correct, I'm going to have my mother "the church lady" pray for you-- because you clearly need some divine intervention for being a MORON. Please be offended, if necessary because I meant that.

Week In Review:

Kyle Williams and Death Threats:

Um, wow. So I am NOT a fan of Kenny Williams. As the GM of the Chicago White Sox, I think he is a cocky bastard and he needs to be fired. With that smug, shit eating grin on his face all the time-- eh, makes me want to punch him on sheer principle. When I saw his name in the news this week, I immediately shook my head and wondered what that asshole did THIS time- only to find out that his 23 year old son was getting death threats for two fumbles in this week's NFL game? Wait, what?!?!
Ok- how deranged do you have to be to actually send death threats to someone because they dropped a ball? I mean, was that ball the last hope you had with breathing? Was someone threatening your children/wife/husband/parents if the 49ers lost? Was world peace hanging in the balance? Oh, no? Then get over yourself, Jesus! This boy is 23 and fumbles or not, you got nothing except an adrenaline rush out of that game. People take this shit too seriously. You didn't see me going ape shit when my Ohio State Buckeyes suffered a loss to a completely sub par team from a northern state this year, did you? And if I can get over THAT, you should be fine. And if you can't get over the 49ers loss without wishing DEATH on a person, pay very close attention... You.Need.Help.

Joe Paterno

Here is where I am going to lose some people. I'm ok with that. Joe Paterno dies on Sunday. His family had visitation for three days and a funeral. The comments that people left on articles about him; the "protesters" are absolutely reprehensible. OMG. There is so much I could say about this situation... what I will say is this: clearly, funerals are not for the DEAD fucker in the casket. Funerals are for the loved ones of that person. Joe Paterno was not sitting there enjoying his OWN fucking funeral. His wife was there, reflecting on the man that she was married to since 1962. His children were there; his grandchildren. How dare you get on your high horses and ruin that day for THEM? No matter what you felt/thought of Joe Paterno (which, by the way, should not be anything negative) you should at least have the decency to let his family grieve without putting up with assholes. Some people are as bad as those dummies who protest military funerals. Why protest someone who died for your freedoms? Why protest someone you don't know, never met and only know through what the media has presented? Be fucking decent human beings and extend his family some common courtesy. If protesting funerals was at ALL acceptable (which it is NOT) imagine what people would say about you. That should keep your ass quiet, huh?

President Obama and Jan Brewer

Ok- I have to deep breathe on this subject because this TOPS the list for absurdity. By now everyone has seen Jan Brewer shaking her decrepit finger in President Obama's face saying that SHE felt threaten by him. (I repeat in my head that I will NOT pull the race card- racial stereotypes from the "Birth of a Nation" era... I will NOT). What the fuck is this bitch smoking? I am not even going to consider her "I felt threatened" argument and I want you to think about the following sentence VERY carefully. Ready? Sure? I have NEVER in my whole life seen a PRESIDENT of the United States ROUTINELY treated with such disrespect. Barack Obama is the President. You don't shake your fucking finger at the President. Why didn't the Secret Service guys shoot her? What if the President felt threatened? Routinely, he is called "Mr. Obama" on television, people boo him, congress people call him a liar, and act like they have NO sense. He is not Mr. Obama. That is for some fucker on the street. His official name is "Mr. President." The same is true for that very slow George W. Bush, his dad, Bill Clinton and everyone else that has ever held the office. People turned out in droves to elect him and if I had to put up with 8 years of W and his questionable intelligence, and people telling me not to call him a moron because he is our President, then that bitch Brewer could at least be civil. I know that President Obama said it wasn't a big deal... you know what that is? Grace. And if I were him, my grace would be waning. Fuck that hoe. She would be in jail or recuperating from a taser shock. People think they can just say/do anything they want. Jan Brewer, Congress and you radicals better understand something- President Obama deserves a modicum of respect- at least to his face. If/When he gets elected again... I hate to be that hoe, because somehow, I think she is going to regret the day that she wagged that crypt keeper, bony finger at the sitting President of the United States.


Margie Sutherland said...

I love ya, lady. This made my day. :)

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